“Just wanted to say I loved your book, Lyn.  I like the fact it is a fast read and it is all the best of direct sales information in a nutshell.  It is really everything you need to know.  So insightful and very helpful.  I am giving it to all my down line members.  Thanks!” Joanne Clouser, Silpada Designs Senior Representative

“…I purchased 10 [books]…BIG MISTAKE!!   I should have purchased 100!   Lyn, your book is phenomenal… so practical and so easy to put actions into place immediately.  …  I can’t thank you enough … I love having a business minded, non-fluff, mentor in my life!” Tammy Nicholls, Wine Shop At Home

“THANK YOU for all of your incredible information … for the FIRST time in my whole life I started and finished a book in ONE DAY!  I read your Make Up Optional Book on the plane….if I can do that, I KNOW I can do anything (I’m not the biggest reader in the world!)  It is a fantastic book and brought back lots of great memories of convention!”  Kay Cook, Wine Shop at Home

Lyn, I have to write to you and tell you that I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!!  I am now reading it for the second time in two weeks.  I am using it to make my guidelines for my team meeting trainings.  I plan to buy several and give them to my new recruits.  It has truly made a HUGE impact on me and my business already.  It is really fun as I read, I can actually hear you doing the talking.  Thank you so much for sharing your success with us.” Sheila Abplanalp, Vantel Pearls

“I missed my flight home and had to spend an extra evening in Chicago.  I pulled out your book…and began reading it well into the night.  I finished your book before my flight landed in Seattle.  I have NEVER read a book that was so well written as if it were personally for me.  My copy is COMPLETELY highlighted with tons of notes in the margins and I will be creating a detailed business plan with goals for my business immediately.” Stephanie Voight, The Pampered Chef®

“Fun, Educational, Inspiring, Real and Empathetic … this book delivers on many different levels. An absolute must read for anyone working from home in direct sales … from shy beginners to confident veterans. Conway speaks from successful, learned experience with great heart.” Jerry Kelly, CEO Silpada Designs, Inc.

Lyn Conway  has walked in your shoes. She has been a successful direct seller and understands what it takes to make it big in our profession. This book is filled with humor, heart and how to make it happen. Nicki Keohohou, CEO & Co-founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance

This engaging book weaves together solid business concepts and interesting stories that bring direct selling principles to life! Lyn’s refreshing writing style will encourage, equip and inspire direct selling entrepreneurs who want to build their business skills. Nancy Jo Ryan, Independent National Executive Director with The Pampered Chef®

If your dream is to build a successful home-based business, Lyn gives you the essential tools for making your dreams come true. Marcia Wieder, Author and Founder, Dream University®

Lyn’s book touches the heart of the direct selling business – People! Using personal experiences and practical advice, Lyn teaches the basics of direct selling with life lessons that will impact every aspect of the reader’s life! Evelyn Roughton, Founder, Taste of Gourmet

This book could earn you 1,000 times what you pay for it! Kimberly Medlock, Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert

Whether it is your first day in the direct selling profession or you are an experienced top leader, this is an easy and fun must read. I recommend this for all direct sellers. Linda D. Lucas, VP Sales and Marketing, Barefoot Parties

Lyn Conway’s common sense advice and her many life lessons provide a remarkable foundation to help you build a successful business. With 30 years of work in the trenches, Lyn will help you to avoid many common mistakes on your path to success. It’s like a real world MBA in direct selling success. If you are looking to start or grow your business, you need this step-by step blueprint. Ginny Fiscella, Independent Star Director with Silpada Designs

“I gave 5 of your ‘Makeup Optional‘ books to my top 5 team members for recognition, and they just LOVED it.  I’m getting great feedback from them.  Thank you again for creating a way for them to ‘highlight, mark & personalize’ your training!” Wendy Stevens, Partylite Consultant