Call on A Fresh Perspective, Inc. to:

  • Assess your strengths and pinpoint strategic needs
  • Increase sales and recruiting
  • Refocus activity based on corporate goals
  • Customize a “learning system” that reflects your company culture
  • Improve activity and productivity of your sales force
  • Tap into your “people power”
  • Enhance profitability
  • Increase retention
  • Make the process duplicatible
ConsultingA Fresh Perspective, Inc. can help you develop a cost-effective growth plan.
Learning SystemsTake the guesswork out of training!  We customize learning systems to give your field a track to run on.
Recruiting TrainingThis is our passion!  By helping your company develop a “recruiting culture”, our programs and training can have a direct, measurable impact on the growth of your business.
Speaker NeedsSuccess Seminars: Customized seminars with instant take-away. We establish a rapport with the audience and share critical business building ideas to put to use immediately!
Keynote Speeches: The difference we bring to keynote speeches is our experience! The audience can hear that we have “been there!” Our messages touch both the mind and the heart. Listeners leave prepared to take action!
Facilitated Meetings and Conference CallsOften the best ideas evolve when your field leaders brainstorm together. Because we are experienced facilitators, we make the process productive and fun! (And occasionally people tell a “consultant” things they won’t tell you.)