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To find our how you REALLY spend your time…

Keep an Activity Log!

We all fool ourselves.  We spend more time than we realize on unimportant things – things that don’t contribute to our happiness or success.  To find out how you are REALLY spending your time, keep an activity log for a few days.  An Activity Log is a tool to monitor the way you use your time. It can also help you track changes in your energy and effectiveness throughout the day.

You will see exactly how much time you spend working (not thinking about working or worrying about working…actually working), when you do your best work and how much time you spend on activities you didn’t plan or that don’t require your unique talent or personality.

By noting how you feel when you do each activity, you will also discover when you are most productive.  Each of us has times of the day when we are “high energy” and other time when we are “low energy.”  By scheduling income-generating activities during “high energy” periods, you maximize the time you spend on business.

After a few days, analyze your activity log.  You may be shocked at what you discover!