Relationship Recruiting Relationship Recruiting
Appropriate for Everyone

Would you like to feel confident approaching people about your business opportunity? Would you like to peak people’s interest so they ask you to tell them more? Would you like to become a comfortable interviewer? Would you like to address concerns, hesitations and objections without fear? You CAN get good at recruiting. Lyn can teach you how! Enroll in this 4-week Tele-course and see your recruiting skill and confidence soar! [Click for Details]

Relationship Recruiting
Appropriate for Everyone
Successful recruiters have two things in common: they love what they do and they love sharing what they have with everyone they meet. Fun, friendship, financial rewards are all good reasons to recruit. But the best reason of all is the everyone deserves the opportunity to make up their own mind if they want to join you in your business! When you recruit, you share your most important product. This program will help you get fluent at the Language of Recruiting Success!

Whether you just started your business or have been building your business for years, this 4-week Relationship Recruiting Tele-course will give you “fresh ideas” that you will use for the rest of your career. You will be amazed what a difference the right coach can make!

Click below to listen to Lyn Conway’s audio introduction for this Telecourse:

Your coach for this 4-week Telecourse is Barb Girson.  Our passion and purpose at A Fresh Perspective is helping entrepreneurs realize success.  In Barb’s 20+ years as a Direct Sales professional, she has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.  She will help YOU too!

You can:

  • Replace fear and hesitation with confidence and caring
  • Offer your business opportunity without prejudging
  • Become an excellent interviewer
  • Recognize and address concerns, hesitations and objections
  • Know when and how to close

These are the details you need to know before you enroll:

  • This Tele-course Series is for you if you are enthusiastic about your business, coachable and enjoy improving your skills.
  • Each call is one-hour long. You can experience the benefits of Tele-course training from your home, car or office.
  • After you register, you will receive a confidential telephone number and PIN number to join the weekly one-hour calls.
  • We want you to be able to participate and ask questions, so we will limit class size. Once all the slots are filled for these Tele-courses, we will put you on a waiting list for the next Tele-course series.
  • Because we know “life happens,” we will record each call so you can listen during the week if you have to miss a call.
  • To get the maximum benefit from the coaching, you will need Lyn’s Relationship Recruiting CD and complimentary workbook. If you do not already have this CD, you can order it at a special price when you register.

Here is a brief description of each week of the Relationship Recruiting Tele-course Series:

Week 1 – Start With Heart

  • Get comfortable sharing your most important product
  • Identify Your “WHY” for recruiting
  • Acknowledge your recruiting obstacles
  • Learn the “Habits of Successful Recruiters”

Week 2 – Inform & Invite

  • Watch and listen for “Green Flags”
  • Learn to inform people about your business without prejudging
  • Explore tools and techniques to invite people to find out more
  • Develop a follow-up system that works for you

Week 3 – Interview With Confidence

  • Learn how to get inFORMed about your prospect
  • Learn to listen more than you talk
  • Match your prospect’s needs with the benefits you offer
  • Learn when and how to close

Week 4 – Address Concerns, Hesitations and Objections

  • Get comfortable with concerns, hesitations and objections
  • Learn to uncover the real question behind the concern
  • Discover how to continue the conversation and ask another closing question
  • Develop the relationship with excellent follow up

New class dates will be announced soon.  To pre-register for the next Relationship Recruiting Tele-course, e-mail us: Click Here

SPECIAL NOTE: In order to provide an optimal group coaching environment, we must have minimum attendance of 10 participants. In the event registration is less than 10 participants, we will notify registrants and delay the class start date until the class is filled.

Cost: Tele-course Series $90.00 includes Relationship Recruiting CD. If you already have the Relationship Recruiting CD, the Relationship Recruiting Tele-course Series cost is $80.

All classes are taped for your convenience. If you have to miss a call, you can listen to that call until the following week when it will be taped over.

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