Words do make a difference! Our Language of Success Seminars help people find words that make them comfortable and confident in any situation. Customize your seminar by choosing any or all of these topics:

Self-Talk: Success is a process…choices are the tools.  It all begins with the words you say to yourself!  In this session, we help you define your vision of success and get “a fresh perspective” on your future.  We help you create a personal action plan to help you create the life of your dreams! Click here to order this session on CD!

The Time of Your Life: Every one of us is identical in only one way… we all have exactly the same amount of time in our day. No one is blessed with more – no one is cursed with less! This session helps you identify your roles, goals and priorities and schedule time for the important activities and people in your life.

Bookings Mean Business: When your calendar is as full as you want it to be, you look and feel like a success! This session offers specific strategies for working when you want. We also cover what to do before, during and after the show to make sure every party is as big and profitable as it can be! Click here to order this session on CD!

Relationship Recruiting: Find your “WHY” for sharing your most important product… your business opportunity! Prospects are everywhere! When you offer your business opportunity without prejudging, your prospects get to make up their own minds whether they are interested. You are not responsible for the result… you are only responsible for offering! Learn words to say to make you comfortable and confident in any situation. Click here to order this session on CD!

“Ring Up” Rewards: The most effective, least expensive business tool you will ever own is already in your home. It’s your telephone. This session offers techniques for getting comfortable on the phone, as well as specific words to say for all kinds of business situations. Click here to order this session on CD!

Each Session is 75 minutes long. You can customize your Language of Success Seminar to the specific needs of your group. Each session is appropriate for people of all experience levels.