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Sometimes a Leader is born… most develop over time with coaching and encouragement. A Language of Leaders Seminar will help you learn the skills and confidence to bring out the best in others while you become the best leader you can be!

The Success Wheel: This session offers you a “fresh spin” on guiding the people you sponsor to success.  Learn how your coaching role changes as your recruits advance through the four classic learning stages. You can help people get good at their business and they will thank you for the rest of their career!  Coming Soon

Time Effectiveness for Leaders: As your organization gets bigger and bigger, you may feel more and more demands are being made on your time. This session will help you learn priority planning for leaders. We will teach you a few simple techniques for “doubling your time” and help you balance personal sales and sponsoring with coaching others to success.

Coaching Conversations: Knowing what to say and when to say it is an art every great leader develops. This session will help you find specific words to say to individual team members to help them be the best they can be. From standard business coaching to “problems of the heart,” the words you use make a profound difference in the success of your recruits. Learn and practice the words here!

Personality/Behavior Profile: Each of us has developed a preferred behavior pattern that reflects our individual identity. This profile helps you identify your preferred behavior style, understand your leadership style and identify and appreciate other styles in recruit prospects and the people you sponsor. Understanding leads to better coaching and teamwork in your group!

Each Session is 75 minutes long. You can customize your Language of Leaders Seminar to the specific needs of your group. Each session is appropriate for leaders and aspiring leaders.