Life Focus 21 Day Practice

Welcome!  Please check in with our group below.  Share your experiences, successes and concerns, and let us know how your transformation is progressing!

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  1. I loved the call last night! I’m excited about – and a little nervous about – the process we are going to go through. It’s comforting that we are going to have your support, Kate, and the support of the whole class through this blog.

  2. OMGoodness………..that call was HUGE for me…………….thank you Kate and Lyn .
    I loved what I heard from the other ladies as well………….I am REALLY glad I am taking this course
    Thank you ….

    1. Liz, we are so EXCITED that you are along for this journey! Can’t wait to hear your mission statement!

  3. Thanks for a great call last night! I am inspired! Stay tuned for the “masterpiece”! 🙂
    This is my first “blog” experience too! This is truly a new beginning! Thanks for inviting me on this excellent adventure Kate!

    1. Thanks for joining us Lorie – You are already a masterpiece – can’t wait to see how you will honor that each day with your mission statement and daily action!

  4. Thanks for the great call last night! Today’s challenge is to let myself work through and feel the first thought that comes to mind. I want to learn to sit with the feeling, I do know it may feel uncomfortable, but I can accept that – change it not always easy!

    1. Dear Lesley, I love that you are taking this challenge today – please let us know how you feel after allowing yourself to sit with and explore the first idea that comes to your mind!

  5. Good morning to all

    Wow……….its hard to answer the question ……….
    5. What is your favorite thing about you?

    Probably my energy …..or … willingness to help others

    Have a amazing day all……….

  6. Well, I guess my favourite thing about myself would be that I truly never give up on anything or anyone. I might make course adjustments with things or people but I never give up on my most profound beliefs and pursuits. I think my “passion meter” has alot to do with that too. And I like that I am a very passionate person.
    Oooops! sorry I think that was more that one thing – hope that is ok?
    thanks for sharing everyone!

    1. Lorie I want you to know that your determination for yourself and others really shines through in your voice and how you communicate with others!

  7. Ok so here is what is my favorite thing about myself –
    That I will be the first person to admit my shortcomings and try to change them – I do not have blinders on myself. I am learning to do this in a positive way – I don’t punish myself for where I am I just identify and work on changing things that I am not happy with.

  8. Hi Ladies,
    This is my first ever attempt at Blogging….so here goes.
    First let me say that I hope this next 4 weeks will create a much needed shift in me!! Timing is everything, and I think that Lories invitation to join her in this class was suppose to happen.

    Now to get to the question.

    What is my favorite thing about myself? I like that I can be open and honest about my faults. That I can share my screw ups in the hope that others will acknowledge that no one is without fault and dispite this we can all achieve great things and hopefully therein help them instill a belief in themselves.

    1. Great first blog! What a blessing to be open to one’s faults – tons of growth opportunities here and a few laughs too I can imagine!

  9. Thank you for expressing yourselves, you are an amazing group of people! My favorite thing about myself is my deeply ingrained optimism. You can’t stop my belief in people or positive situations.

      1. Definitely! I know that you are strong and capable of anything. I will always see the possibilities for you not the limitations.

        1. Ok I really like that! I like the way you have worded that – I feel that it is a realistic way of thinking… being a teacher I don’t like saying everyone can do all things, because that is not necessarily true, but seeing the posibilities that my students have and watch them grow from their is realistic and puts the “ball in their court”!

  10. Good morning to all

    I liz , was born at this time ……… to empower other women in achieving there dreams and goals


  11. I, Lorie, was born at this time… to empower and equip other women to live a successful, fulfilling and balanced life through leadership by example.

    1. I love it Lorie!! I can even imagine you narrowing it to “I, Lorie, was born at this time to lead by example.” I only say this because your example embodies the success, fulfillment and balance. You decide which inspires you most. Great job!

  12. Hi Kate!
    thanks for your feedback! I knew I had to trim it back but couldn`t figure out how to do it!
    I think I will keep both versions though – just to ensure I keep myself on track!
    You are doing a great job and I can`t thank you enough.

  13. While I am tempted to “committ” to things I am already doing consistantly to ensure success, I will take a chance and start my journey!

    I, Ingrid, will take 15 minutes every day between 7:00 and 8:00 am to meditate.

    Ok, I said it. Now I will do it!

    1. This is great, you have chosen your action and when you will do it each day. It is also helpful to decide where you will do this so you can ready an area. if there are people that normally expect time from you at this hour, also alert them that you are booked!

      1. it is easy for me to have peace and quiet at that time, which is why I choose it for now. I can already picture myself doing it and imagine the peace that will envelop me!

  14. Hello everyone,
    I am stuck… I don’t know what my action can be to help me support my why. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Lesley, how about daily recruitment and coaching acitivities with your team members and future team members? I have personally found lots of opportunities for self-growth and self-acceptance in the recruitment side of my business. Does this resonate with you?

    2. Good morning Lesley, your mission is helping people accept who they are. What helps you do that for yourself? You may not be doing enough of that for yourself currently, what daily action would bring a sense of self to your day? How much time to you dedicate to yourself each day – maybe adding more would with an action focused on you? throw some of your ideas out to us!

  15. hi all,
    the tools i will need are: running shoes, track gear, leash, doggie bag, hand-sanitizer, sunglasses, hair band, ipod – i will assemble it this weekend. – and maybe a coffee to go!

  16. My books for my courses at Swat insitute are out and ready to go .

    My daily plan , exel spread sheet is done and posted

    Have a amazing day

  17. I think I understand todays challenge, as i accidently made the email disappear.
    What do I need to do to make my daily challenge happen so it brings me closer to my mission?

    I need to ensure I create my space for meditation to be inviting, free of distractions and declutter my mind so I can focus on receiving only positive thoughts and envision myself as happy and a source of inspiration for others……and stop the madness that seems to try to sabotage the process.

  18. Ok…. so here is what I am thinking!

    I will start a gratitude list and write down 5 things that I am grateful for everyday. If anything negative comes to mind I will listen to it and write that down and I will use that as a starting point to make changes in order to change that negative thought or feeling into something positive. I think this will help me to recognize all the wonderful things in my life, but also help me accept what I don’t like or what I am not happy with and take ownership of that and work on making postive changes.

    Does this make sense?

    Things I will need for this is a quite space – my bedroom -, a note book, a pen, quite music. I will do this activity every evening after dinner.

    1. Lesley, I love it!! What an awesome thing to do. It inspires me to do the same. Focusing on that which brings you joy and happiness and recognizing the blessings in your life will bring you more of what you want!

  19. Hi everyone,
    Sorry to be late in joining the party, but I spent last week re-connecting with my brother and his family, who were visiting from Illinois! Last night I listened to last week’s call (loved the energized excitement I could feel coming from everyone on the call!), and began working on the exercises for the mission statement. After a fresh start this morning, I finished my mission statement, and crafted an action–here they are:

    Mission statement: I, Sharon, was born at this time to help people embrace their passion.

    Daily action: Beginning each day with a clear plan of action.
    Time to commit this daily plan: 9:00 pm each night (planning 3 action steps for each day, making sure I have the necessary tools in place to jump right in the next morning.)
    Steps I need to do to get ready for this: clear off my desk; print daily plans; sharpen pencils; update desk calendar; let my family know I am off-limits at 9:00 pm each night, and for 1 hour each morning as I put my nightly plans into action!

    I’m excited about this course, and ready to go!


  20. I Nancy was born at this time to live a life of compassion and integrity.

    I commit to 21 days of: living in integrity with myself by eating in a healthy, conscious way.

    I will commit time to my action each day at: 6:00 a.m.

    I chose this action because: my health means a great deal to me and I have been undisciplined in that regard.

    Here’s how my new action will impact my life: I will feel and look better and my cholesterol numbers will go down.

    If I get discouraged, I will: I will attend a Weight Watchers meeting.

    I am shallow enough to be thinking about my physical size ALL THE TIME. So, I relish the opportunity to take that sick reality and turn it into something wonderful for ME!

      1. I AM A GODDESS!!!!!!
        Could not believe it, but right AT 6:00 a.m. my little old eyes opened (before the alarm). It was scarey that my body was programmed to do that. I actually flung my legs over the side. Stretched a bit. I then poured myself a cup of java, went to my gazebo in my yard and: read my affirmations, my prayers, my business related material and then went and ate a good breakfast. I then got myself ready and was ON TIME to my first destination. I finished the day, having entered my Weight Watchers points in my journal, with a 3mph. walk in my gym.
        (the crowd roars). I can’t go to bed now because I am so full of myself. My own adulation is keeping me awake. Someone stop me!

  21. I Lorie, was born at this time to lead by example.

    I commit to 21 days of: daily exercise.

    I will commit time to my action each day at: 9am

    I chose this action because: My health is very important to me.

    Here’s how my new action will impact my life: it will help restore balance to my wheel of life. It will restore that space in my daily life that I find reigniting and grounding.

    If I get discouraged, I will: BLOG! and ask you all for help. My biggest fear is that with 4 days in a hotel room at Conference right in the middle of this 21 days that I will fall off the wagon and not get this in! Can anyone keep me accountable by going to the gym with me each morning – it would need to be at 5:30am or 6am latest?

      1. Fantastic! Thank you Lorie for asking for support and you Ingrid for volunteering!!! Your daily action is awesome Lorie.

          1. you bet, had planned on it anyway as I am on a strick program and can’t loose 5 days!!
            5:30 in the gym!!

  22. Ok – I went for my power walk to day – I was so excited about it I woke up before the alarm went off! Not like me at all!! My plan was to go an hour – both my dog and I were affected by the extreme heat and humidity and lasted only 1/2 hour. Instead of beating myself up – which would be my first tendency, I decided that in this heat a 1/2 hour was probably more than 1 hour in regular weather. I decided to celebrate today’s achievement instead and we both went for a swim after…

    1. Good for you Lorie! Indeed, in the heat and humidity you need to slow it down. Must have been heaven to jump in the pool.

      1. beautiful, you’re already being presented with roadblocks and you are addressing them from a balanced perspective! Like your mission, you are a great example.

    2. Good for you Lorie! Your mission is to take care of yourself and I think realizing that today was too hot and humid for a full hour walk then that is taking care of yourself!

  23. I, Ingrid, was born at this time to inspire others to believe in themselves!
    I commit to 21 days of 15 minutes “Visualization”.
    I will commit time between 7:00-8:00 am
    I chose this action because I need to harness my thoughts so i can bring my mind to focus on what I am striving towards and set a positive mind set for the day.
    Here is how this action will impact my life; I can focus my mind on what is important, and relevant to creating a happy and peaceful life.
    If I get discouraged I won’t be afraid to ask the group for help and I will imagine my life as happy and become inspired to move towards it.

    As you can see I tweaked a few things as it all becomes more clear.
    I changed from meditation to Visualization as that is what I actually had in mind. After talking to a friend about meditation it became clear that visualizing is what I need to do.
    What a cool experience for me as I saw myself as happy and focused and engaging in the activities I need to do to bring me peace and harmony!

    1. WOW! That tweak from meditation to visualization is so powerful! You are in the process of creating your reality! Great job exploring what you really need right now!

  24. So here it goes — I’ve never blogged before and I already made my first mistake and clicked on subscribing to the Fresh Perspective site rather than the blog — DRAT!! But now I’m on!!

    I, Tracey, was born at this time to connect with people and make a difference in their lives.

    I commit 21 days of: decluttering and organizing my space, starting with my office, for 30-60 minutes a day (I’ll set a timer to help).

    I will commit time to my action each day between 9:00 and 10:00 am.

    I choose this action because having an organized, uncluttered home will help eliminate stress and free up (unclutter) my mind.

    My new action will impact my life by bringing more peace and order into my life and will then provide more time for personal/work connections and humanitarian pursuits.

    If I get discouraged I will call a friend or reach out on this blog.

    So — I was out all day and didn’t spend my 30 minutes this morning organizing my office but I’m off to do it right now so I can get my first checkmark on my daily log!!

  25. Whew! I think I washed 20 bottles, or maybe it just feels that way, and have readied my outfit for tomorrow! I am so looking forward to an easy morning and more time with my little guy, Leif!

  26. True confessions

    I was just having such a fun day with family and friends and loving life , walking , going to Jazzercise , out for dinner ……….testing / trying new products I got .
    I did not make the time for my studies. ………..I looked at them and walked by ….
    I did talk to 2 people about products i sell though .

    Today is a fresh start

    Hope everyone in Canada had a great long weekend


  27. Day One done last night! What I felt after creating my list was a great amount of peacefullness come across me as I was falling asleep. Once or twice the negative side of a thought came out and I just took a “step” back and looked at it they way others would see it and I was able to see the good in the situtation. For example, my Mom always talking about “our” health and making healthy choices with regards to eating and exercise and I always see it as “nagging” and it gets me pretty upset, but last night I was able to look past that and really see that it is because she wants all of us to live healthy lives. Now I just have to remind this thought when the other creeps in!

    Happy Day two everyone!

    1. Lesley, I love how you are able to look within yourself and be honest about what is really going on, and having found the true origin of a negative thought, you are able to either dismiss it or work around it!


  28. Ok, daily action plan was duly made on Sunday night, and then . . . the Monday blahs hit, and very little got crossed off the list. But, partway through the day as I was beginning to beat myself up over the lack of action made on my daily to-do list, I thought, “You had a very busy last week and weekend. Maybe you just need a do-nothing day to relax and re-energize.” So, I gave myself permission to take the day off, which actually ended up motivating me a short time later to get up off my duff and make a few calls!

    When I made my daily list last night, I also realized that Monday’s to-do list was a little long, which probably sapped my energy every time I looked at it. So last night’s list was re-organized to make it look shorter (rather than listing every call I hoped to make as a separate item, I grouped them into one action and just clipped a call list to my sheet.) Just seeing 5 items on the to-do list (which I need to call my daily action plan–it just sounds better, less ugh-inducing!) instead of 10 makes it seem more do-able. Small steps are always easier to take, and get you to the same place in the end!

    Wishing everyone else success in their day!

  29. wow, #1 and # 10 hit me like a ton of bricks in your email. You must have read my facebook request..”Please help me find a way to slow down”!!

    So I have had 2 sessions where I am to Visualize. I can’t stay on track for 60 seconds and my mind starts wandering and then I remember what i am supose to be doing and then again 35 seconds later I am making up my grocery list and deciding what time to take the dog for a walk!
    how in the world am I going to focus for 15 minutes when I can’t even do 1 minute!
    perhaps 15 minutes is too much for me to handle. Maybe I start with 2 minutes and see what I can accomplish and work my way up?? Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Ingrid,
      I have never really tried visualization, but I have read many books and what I have leanred is that when a thought comes to mind don’t fit it because then you are giving it more attention. Let it pass and then continue back to what you want to focus on. Also having a key phrase or thought that can help guide you back may be helpful. I also think that starting with a shorter period of time may be helpful as well because you will feel successful when you achieve it. Maybe you could do 2 minutes a couple times a day?

      Just some thoughts!

      1. Dear Ingrid, the truth is that meditation and visualization are not easy…but they are very rewarding and life changing – that is probably why you chose this for your practice. The key is dedicating this time to yourself. It is different than any other time you will spend in your day. I don’t think the exact amount of time matters as much as committing to some time to yourself each day.

        One suggestion, try going into your visualization time with a set of questions for yourself to explore. Maybe something like, “what does a day in the life of my ideal self look like?, Describe yourself, how do you dress as your ideal self? What is the first thing you do when you wake up? What does your room look like, what’s hanging on the walls? What are the sounds you are hearing, the smells you are smelling around you? Whose in your home with you? What are you most looking forward to that day? You receive a beautiful card in the mail that day – what does it say, who is it from?

        These are just ideas – but guiding yourself on the visualization can really help keep you focused.

    2. I know you and your power of concentration. You can do the 15 minutes Ingrid. Can you let your mind consciously go blank. Maybe put an elastic on your wrist and snap it when ever you start to wander to bring yourself back? ?? I read that somewhere….

  30. Day two completed! I have prepped for tomorrow and only left myself a few easy morning tasks. Working on getting my husband on board – he would rather I came home and just focused on him…

  31. Well, Day 2 has gone by and again, I didn’t attack my organizing and decluttering until later tonight. Although I did end up spending more than 30 minutes both last night and tonight — yeah!!! I need to tweak the time that I’ll be doing this. I’m not a morning person so I guess I should have said I’d commit to doing my action at 9:00 at night rather than in the morning. Evenings are my more productive times and I guess I just have to accept that — I’ve always wanted to be a morning person — maybe that could be another habit I can work on after this one — getting up earlier.

    1. Imagine if we only had morning people in this world, everything would stop at noon! 🙂 You are perfect the way you are!

  32. This is my first blog as I joined the class a bit late, but I have been emailing with Kate offline. So here it is: I, Eve, was born at this time to share meaningful connections with others.

    My action plan is to make three meaningful connections each day, whether out and about, with my husband and/or kids or with buisness contacts without expecting a particular outcome. Just to share honestly and openingly with others so they know they matter to me, they are appreciated and loved.

    Wow! It seems so crazy to share that with all of you. I have a nervous ache in my gut and feel a bit vulnerable, but there it is!

  33. I hate to admit but yesterday i did not study ……….Not sure i will today .
    My heart is not there right now …………….
    I decided to change my focus and for now i am going to do a 21 day Yoga course through Daily OM as i really feel that is what i needed to be doing for now ……..and to move forward
    Thank you Kate………….I love that web site
    I am also doing a course through that same web site on stopping self sabotaging , both 21 day programs ………I need to get me focused and on track right now…. .the studies is not a priority …
    My studies will be a extra bonus from now on as i am still needing to work my businesses .

    1. Hi Liz! I can feel your energy and can imagine that you are capable of juggling so many things at once and well! What I wonder is what would it be like for you to just focus on one goal for a period of time and no matter what other things grab your attention, you commit to completing the one goal first. Your mission is to empower other women in achieving their dreams and goals – what activity empowers you most? Thank you for sharing your need for redirection!

      1. ………..excellent point Kate………..thank you …I need to be patience ……..teeheee …………l try to do to many things at once…. ……the Yoga it is for now ….. it gets me sooooooooo focused in the right way each day to acheive all that i need to ………….. .thank you

  34. ok everyone – sorry but I totally forgot to blog in yesterday – I had a great day! My dog and I walked across to the other side of town and back – taking time for her to run and swim in the river on the way back.
    TODAY – Day 3 – I found I have another accountability partner – my dog, Trixie. After three days in a row there is no way she is going to let me forget to take her walking!
    I have found I need to go a different route each day to keep my mental interest there.
    I can’t believe how much more time I have for productivity in my personal life now. And that is keeping me coming back to the next power walk!

    1. Lorie, I love that Trixie is helping you stay committed! You are doing such a great job and your words of support on the blog are amazing. Thank you!!

  35. Hello Ladies,
    My first 2 days were hard to blog and do research as we were on the boat at Block Island and internet was very slow…but I took those times that I commited to the 21 days to really think about what makes me excited and what I am passionate about. So, today I started to do some research into making my dream a reality….I am excited to get started!

  36. Hi All,
    Just to let you know that after looking at my schedule tomorrow I have decided that it is not possible to do the power walk …. BUT ….. I will do two on Friday for a makeup!
    I have to say I am looking at my days now and saying “no” more easily to things that rob my personal time now… that is something I am feeling really good about.
    Happy Day 4 Everyone !!

    1. Thank you for addressing this Lorie – we will all have days like this in our 21 day practice and more importantly in life – what’s essential is having a plan to get back to our practice after a pause. I will share some ideas about this in our email tomorrow!

  37. Day 4: I haven’t blogged the last three days because I was too busy being awesome. O.K., I’m killing myself with admiration. But seriously folks, I have remained faithful to journaling my Weight Watcher’s points. Much to my dismay, I gained 1.6 lb. Instead of mentally beating myself up and leaving the meeting in disgust, I sat through the meeting looking for “the words” that would propel me into the next week – and a loss. I have challenged myself to lose 1 lb. a week. So, in spite of distractions and temptations, I now envision my new body and how healthy I feel. Alright, I also envision crowds of people falling all over themselves wondering what I did to look so good. Is there an exhibitionist in me? I digress. I sit and visualize how healthy I am and, finally, that my clothes don’t hurt. Day 4 awaits!

  38. Felt great to accomplish my goal so early in the day ……… i can go on in a focused , excited way …..thank Kate…………….love this course

  39. So I finally made my connections/ contacts today! I actually made WAY more than three once I got started. I kept procrastinating since the kids are home and they were even IN my office. But I am committed to my contacts, so instead of insisting they leave my space, I took my contacts, phone, calendar and I left the room to make my calls. It worked! And I actually think the calls were better since I wasn’t distracted by the computer, clutter on my desk and other projects calling to me.

  40. For myself I am finding it harder everyday to complete my task. I am writing 5 things that I am grateful for, but I am having a hard time finding “authentic” things to be grateful for. I don’t want to just list my house, food, etc… I want to make deeper connections to who I have in my life, to what I offer to other people and what other people mean to me. Since I was having a hard time doing this I have decided to have a focus everyday. I have been reading a book about happiness and this is what she suggests and I do find that my thoughts and connections are on a much deeper level.
    This process has sparked something in me to make other choices that will help me work towards goals that I have. Even though I struggle to find my five things after I have completed it the sense of achievement is so great that I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow!
    Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

    1. Hi Lesley, I completely understand what you are saying about wanting to be more authentic with your gratitude. It’s so helpful in the beginning to start with the obvious things to be grateful for like our homes and food on the table – but once you start getting in the habit of being grateful you begin to see the depths of beauty to your life and whole new level of appreciation emerges. Thank you for sharing your process! Is the book you’re reading “Happy for no Reason”?

      1. Thanks Kate!
        The book I am reading is The Gospel of Joy by Amanda Gore. I saw her presente last year and what she saying made sense to me.
        Have a great day everyone!

  41. Am loving this ………I seem to be working more on being focused on my business now
    after doing my 21 day goal of the Yoga practise in the mornnig through the Daily Om site


    Thanks Liz

    1. That’s it! Once you start to get balance in one area it begins to spill into others. Soon your wheel of life will be a perfect circle!

  42. Good morning all

    OMGoodness ……..
    Good thing you sent that daily email Kate………………the thought crossed my mind …..and i was feeling like ……….HUM …….oh maybe i will be lazy today with my morning yoga and then…….I saw the email……

    Soooo……..I am off to do it now

    Thanks Kate ……….wohoooooo

    Have a amazing weekend

  43. Good morning everyone! It’s interesting how a new positive action in your life can be fulfilling as well as soooo challenging in the beginning. I have had to give myself a lot of pep talks, but I am so glad we are one week down! I can feel this new action creeping into my mind, slowly becoming something I will dearly miss if I stop doing it. How do you feel?

  44. OK I have to confess. I’ve totally fallen off the wagon!! Three days have gone by and I have NOT done my planned action or been on the blog. I even had a friend ask me about it yesterday. I’ve hardly been home and am just not fitting it in. I’ve been busy and focussed on other things so I either need to get up earlier to do it in the morning or stay up later. I’m out the door again shortly and will be gone all day until 1:00 am (it’s our Edm. Folk Festival this weekend so was there Thursday and Friday and will not be home again all day tomorrow) and then I’m off to Toronto on Wed. for five days — maybe the timing is just not right??? I’m going to attack some of the clutter in my office right now for a short period of time before I leave the house again for the rest of the day but I’m just not getting it together to do it daily. So — there’s my confession — in writing! Mmmm — what to do??!!

    1. Hey Tracey, Your awareness is at a high level and I can relate. I have to believe that is a good thing too – what do you think Kate?

    2. Dear Tracey, I hear you loud and clear – you picked an action that you hoped would allow you more peace and order in your life in order to provide more time for personal/work connections and humanitarian pursuits.

      What’s happening is the opposite, the lack of the action is making you feel more stress and less peace, not what you desire right now.

      So lets take what you’re feeling, absorb it and redirect so that you have a practice that is actually adding peace to your life. Your ultimate goal is to connect with people and make a difference in their lives. What action makes you feel most connected? It can be the smallest action like “smiling when you make eye contact with people”, what is it for you?

      Let’s cut out the middle step of decluttering and go right to the connecting. I believe you have conference next week so this will also allow you a great arena to practice your new “practice”. Please share your thoughts on this redirection.

  45. True Confessions:
    I missed Thursday and Friday – pre-arranged schedules did not permit! BUT……… Friday I had a TWO HOUR Back and Face Facial and massage that I had pre-booked! Here is what is happening: in my head I am saying – Yes, I honoured my Fridays off and did the personal rejuvenation thing. But then I feel guilty because I didn’t do my exercise thing… But really, my intention is to put the balance back in my life so I am AOK – or am I? Kate, Help!
    Today, I wnet for a 2.5 Km. power walk with my Trixie and Maggie, the dog I am dog-sitting this weekend. THEN, I went for a 5 Km. power bike and shopping excursion per bike with my husband – so “How do I feel?” ~ ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!! YEAH!!! I am BACK!! Now off to watch “Soul Surfer” for an extra dose of motivation. Thanks everyone for being there.!!!!

    1. Hi Lorie, YES! You are feeling on top of the world and most importantly more balance so you are AOK! This is exactly why you have chosen to adopt a daily practice. The eventual goal is for you to attract MORE things that bring you balance to your life by living this practice which is exactly what you are doing. Keep on going, you are an amazing example!

  46. Well, as far as getting up and journaling my food intake….I have been rather faithful. I power walked three times this week – “Good girl, Nancy.” I went to Weight Watchers on Wednesday and chalked up a gain of 1.4 lb. I didn’t seem to get upset, though, because I knew that things had to become stable. Now, I’m continuing to journal and I don’t see any change in weight. If I ponder this I am bound to become discouraged. So, I will sing. “I am woman, hear me roar……” Alright, I’m better now. PLEASE pray that I see some loss t his week. I don’t know if I can muster up this level headed response too much longer.

    1. Hi Nancy, I want you to consider for a moment what the results are that you are expecting by living this daily practice. Is it weight loss or is it honoring yourself and putting yourself first? I remember very clearly you expressing the need to give a little of what you give to every one else to yourself and you are doing a GREAT job of doing that.
      Weight loss is a fabulous added benefit, but is it the goal?




    * How will you get back to your action if you pause? BELIEVE IN MYSELF AGAIN AND MY ABILITY TO SUCCEED. JUST BEGIN AGAIN AND FORGET THE PAST.


    * How do you feel these past four days? LIKE I VALUE MYSELF ENOUGH TO STAY COMMITTED.

  48. Its crazy…………I have never been clearer or more focused on my vision for moving forward in my life than i am now . If i am going to miss my morning Yoga at home practise on the daily Om site
    I go and do a 90 minute Yoga class later in the day but still watch the daily message …..its crazy and i love this .
    Something has switched on in me ………the day i started this course was 6 months to the day i moved out of the home i shared with my common law husband…..HUM

  49. Today I doubled up again and did a 5.25 power walk with my Trixie and my Henry! Now I feel truly caught up.
    What went well this week? I did the acitivity pretty consistently and when I got off track I made sure I got back on track. What is really great is that I have discovered how much I actually enjoy power walking – I can say that my entire body feels like it has had a great workout. And my mind is getting a great rest at the same time. I like that alot. Also, my commitment to exercise has surprisingly renewed my commitment to eat lean protein and foundation veggies and drink tons of water and the bonus is a loss of 3lbs! I am liking that alot too.
    What I will continue to tweak is honouring my Fridays off – but this will have to resume the following week as I am off to conference this Thursday. And most of all I am counting on my buddies Ingrid and Lesley (who will also be at the conference) to keep me honest in doing my daily morning exercise while at the hotel Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – yikes!!! I am scared about this!!!

    1. You can do it! How great to have the support from Lesley & Ingrid too. I love your comment about eating well as a bi-product of your new daily action. Another great example of a positive balancing action in your life attracting more positive actions! I can’t wait to see your wheel of life at the end of this!

  50. Kate, thanks so much for sharing that speech by Steve Jobs. So powerful. Love the ending especially “stay hungry, stay foolish”. It spoke to me about keeping my passion alive and having fun along the way and leading in this example. Love it.

  51. Sorry I have been MIA!!
    Have had alot to deal with this past week.
    I have been working on my visualization every day though. I have to admit, not always where or when i am suppose to but I do pick my moments.
    Kate and Leslie (I think) gave me some great tips which really help me while I struggle to stay in the moment. I have also decreased the time as 15 minutes is just not going to happen!
    having some questions to ask myself is a big help in keeping me focused.
    I seem to go to the same place in my mind, a little house with an amazing backyard. there I find peace and joy. Funny how it is always the same place, does that mean anyhting?? I wonder if it is out there for me.

  52. I never declared myself on the all last Sunday. I knew what I needed to do but it seemed too inconsequential to declare. After the call, Sarah suggested that I take as my 21-day practice exactly what I was thinking about – getting back to stretching every day. Then God stepped in. After five days of carrying my 25 pound Granddaughter around (something I LOVE to do!), my sciatic nerve decided to act up and I was experiencing extreme pain. I knew that if I want to carry both of my grandbabies around, I better get back to stretching. So I have. And I’ve declared myself to this supportive group. Here’s to flexibility and strength!

  53. struggling a little right now as I have this big presentation going around in my mind and it is a huge distraction. Need to go into each visualizatoin with one specific question, and basically try to see if i can stay within the thought for more than 2 minutes. yeesh!! Not easy.
    i think that by next monday with this behind me I will be able to refocus again. I will try hard while i am in Toronto Tuesday-Sunday. I need a way to remind myself to set aside the time to continue to do this. any ideas……?

    1. I have an idea that may help as you are balancing your prep for conference and your daily practice.
      What if you find a picture of that little house with an amazing backyard or another picture that embodies the energy that you want more of, either from a magazine, the internet, or evening a drawing if you have that gift, and just look at it for the 2-5 minutes. Imagine being a part of that scene, how do you fit into this image, how do you feel seeing yourself there?
      If you already have a vision board – you can use these images to do this as well. I would still love you to find the image of that house… 🙂

      1. Hi Kate,

        Crazy busy with Conference and no lap top with me. funny you should mention the little house and how i should take some time to focus on that. I was constantly drawn to its image while at Conference and often found myself just drifting off to it and experiencing the feelings of peace and joy within its walls. I “visualized”, without specifically going there.
        Finding that I am moving closer to the meaning behind the visualizing. Experiencing a feeling of calm that has enveloped me a bit today. could be a taste of what’s to come! At least that is how I choose to read it.

  54. Great memo this morning …..I was just thinking………. oh…..hum………………do i want to open the email now or a little later on ……hum…………..but i opened it and read it and now i will do my yoga practise
    Thanks for the daily emails……….

    1. Thank you for continuing to climb! Each day that you continue to commit to this practice brings you closer to a lifetime commitment to beautiful balance.

  55. I am still climbing! I have not blogged in awhile, but I wanted to touch base and say how much I am enjoying my journey. Yesterday’s gratitude list was a little challenging because the topic was Body Gratitude, but it really helped me to stay positive. I had a headache yesterday but instead of focusing on that I just was grateful that I had a head and I had feelings! This may sound a little strange, but it was a great way to turn my negative chatter into a postive which I think helps me to rework more serious negative thoughts!
    Well off to pack for TO!!

    1. That sounds powerful, not strange at all! I am so glad you are creating this wonderful journey!
      If you want to take your body gratitude practice to the next level, we had an exercise that we all had to do in my life coaching certification that was very healing. We were asked to go home to a full size mirror, and when we had some time alone, stand facing the mirror, and beginning with your hair, take a minute to look at it and say to your self “I love my hair”, move to your ears, look at them and say “I love my ears” – and work all the way down to your pinky toes telling each body part that you love it. It is very hard at first but when you are finished, you feel so much gratitude for your own unique body.

  56. right now I am barefoot and before I read this had even just taken off my nail polish – so there you go – totally naked feet! Totally simple. That is the way I am feeling right now as I take on one of the busiest days of my year – preparing for conference, my talk there, packing, my new daily Life Focus practise …. and my son’s 18th Bday today! In an overwhelming world i am craving simplicity and that is what I see when I look at my feet right now.

  57. I have chosen gladiator high heel sandals for today – as I am working to fit into my previous working girl clothing after having my son, I am craving something flashy today, so my feet will take on that role. The height is also helping boost my energy, I love feeling tall!

  58. Shoes………Well its 7 am and i jut took off my running shoes after my morning walk…………i am in bare feet ready to do my morning practise


    loving life

  59. I am also barefeet right now, but thinking that I want to put my running shoes on and go for a walk! What does that say about me? It says that I am footloose and fancy free, but feel that it is time to get to business and continue to make more positive changes in my life!
    On the side of my gratitude list – VERY powerful. I am sharing it everynight with m fiancé. He is even starting to come up with his list! Starting on Thurday my focus will be changing to comapassion and grace – perfect timing for me (funny how that happens!) For two deays I will work towards thinking of others and showing them compassion – feeling with my heart and through my heart!
    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  60. O.K., this is strange and uncharted territory. I went to my Weight Watchers Meeting today. I checked my weight beforehand and knew, pretty well, that I hadn’t changed. I had had a week and week end of all sorts of family celebrations and unchartable eating. BUT, I consciously took note of my intake and tried to count points as best as I could. I went to the meeting and learned that, for the second week in a row, I had gained 1 lb. Now, normally I would berate myself and threaten myself with quitting the program. Not so! I am uncharacteristically resolute in my journey’s purpose. And, yes Kate, losing weight means more than the actual loss of weight. It (weight) is the point from which I have always judged my worth. i KNOW that’s not right. Intellectually I am on board with how ridiculous that is. Emotionally, though, there’s NO QUESTION that I am a failure in life. So, to answer you accurately, Kate…..if I succeed in losing the weight that I’d like to lose I would prove to myself once and for all that it isn’t the weight, but instead my resolve to set a goal and stick to the actions that will bring me to that goal. Throughout my entire professional career I have noticed an aspect of my personality that I was not aware even existed. I am competitive with myself. I set goals – professionally – and identify the necessary action steps that need to be taken. I do it. I succeed. And, it’s on to the next goal. Somehow the most intimate of goals has eluded me all these years. What I am joyous about is that even though I’ve gained weight the last two weeks, I am emotionally in “it” for the long haul. I’m not discouraged and I know what needs to be done and I’m “on board.” This is HUGE!!!! As anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows, it’s easy to give up. I WILL NOT. And in the process I WILL see how much I mean to me.

    1. Whewwwwww! That is huge!! You are doing for yourself what you always do for others, you’re making YOU a priority. awesome

      1. yikes! – I missed yesterday with all I had to do to get out the door this morning for Conference! I cannot see a window of time today either! – ok – i am not going to panic… I know something is going to work out for my practise time…

  61. Umm celebrate?!?! I don’t what I will do? I think this will be the first time that I have follwed through with something for 21 days – well something that has a postive impact on my life 🙂 I think the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment will be enough celebration for me! It may be a spring board to new challenges ahead.

  62. Weird day. I interviewed someone to join my team. That went well. I didn’t make it to exercise nor did I register for yoga.
    Tomorrow is another day. Busy weekend ahead. I had better stay the course.

  63. So exciting

    An going to the power of women show here for the whole day


    But sad i could not go to conference this year

  64. This is crazy………… life is totally taking off

    Love it

    I may have the perfect job for the next 8 months and still have time to study and work my 2 home based businesses , do yoga and Jazzercise and love my life


    1. YES!!! Liz, it’s not crazy at all, you are experiencing greatness attracting more greatness, success attracting more success, peace bringing more peace. You are doing it!

  65. Ok so I did not plan on taking yesterday off… but I could not find the time or the place to think and do my list, but I just made time now and I feel so much better knowing that I have had the chance to reflect, think and be grateful! Sad that I will miss the call again this Sunday, but will listen to the replay!

    p.s. Kate – Your Mom gives the best hugs and has a great smile! I love the positive energy she has – we do miss the “Silver Fox” though!

  66. I’m so happy to report that I was able to stay on track with my practice last week (except for Sunday when I had a ridiculously early flight!). I find that being able to acknowledge myself to myself for keeping my promise to myself makes a difference in my attitude all day. Thank you, Kate, for leading us in this life practice!

  67. Well….I am sooooo out of the loop right now – I am still in a dream world from Conference. The good news I got right back in to my exercise today. The bad news – I did not do it at all at Conference as it became physically impossible with all the late nights I kept. More good news: I feel really good about jumping right back in to my new found “ROUTINE” and that is a giant step forward! Thanks for all you do Kate! I am back!!

  68. back from Conference and ready to resume my mission.
    Was very difficult to focus on anything other than Conference, but I am ok with that. Sometimes you have to live in the moment.
    Back on track today with more vision and clarity.

    1. yes, sorry Lorie, I had wanted to help keep you on track but sleep did indeed become more important! I only made it to the gym the first day!
      Sometimes you just have to let go, and that’s okay. You’re back on track now and that’s the important part.

  69. Love this ………today i will get my nails done ………..and do my Yoga practice to………

    My 2 businesses are getting back on track to …….HUM…………and I am losing weight and inches

    Kate and Lyn…………….so glad i met you both ……..You have changed my life in so many ways


  70. Hello everyone!
    Interesting that we are doing something for ourselves today becuase my goal today is to be compassionate towards myself – so not just one thing, but five things to put on my list!
    1. Laughed and allowed myself to make mistakes at dance.
    2. Worked on reframing my negative thoughts.
    3. Went for walk around the market in Ottawa and stopped and smelled the flowers (literally).
    4. Had a nice relaxing lunch with Kevin.
    5. Had a nap!

  71. It’s interesting how the daily stretching has become a metaphor for taking care of myself. I loved Kate’s red umbrella story yesterday. A red umbrella as a symbol of caring…I will hang onto that when I find it difficult to put my health first. Thank you Kate!

  72. Well, I went to deliver my car to the repair shop today and walked back home across town with Trixie via along the Grand River when lo and behold she got a fish hook in her foot at the waterfront! A bystander helped me take the hook out of her foot and then I put the hook in my own finger!
    Called my neighbour to come pick Trixie and I up in middle of town, then onto the vets for a $100 vet bill, then back for a Tele-class with Lyn, then onto my doctors for a tetanus shot and antibiotics! Now off to close an order and do a show tonight… hmmmm….. inspite of this all…. I really feel like I missed out on a great walk today and can’t wait to go tomorrow on my BIRTHDAY! I have decided I am going to CELEBRATE ALL OF YOU AND ESPECIALLY KATE AND THIS COURSE. Why? because yesterday I had the best news about my health and I feel I owe it to the fact that I regained my life focus and balance again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. I am so excited about your good news AND wish you a fantastic birthday! You deserve it!!! Hope you and Trixie heal quickly!

  73. O.K., so I was really a little sad that I “let it all hang out” on the call on Sunday. It turned into a therapy session and I felt like a hog for that. BUT, today I actually “slept in” till 9:00. It felt delicious. And, I didn’t feel like I had to work at hyperspeed to catch up, either. I have pretty much sat in the gazebo and mixed pleasure with work. It’s O.K. I went to Weight Watchers today and learned that I had shed 1.6 lb. THAT was good as we ate out on Monday. I’m learning that I am actually looking forward to the WW meetings. This is something I never got “into.” I’m hoping with my new found dedication to the meetings I will continue to lose the weight.
    I also put on the dress I’m wearing to my son’s wedding and it looked just like I had imagined after the alterations. I will be comfortable and still presentable. O.K., the dress is gorgeous 🙂
    Thanks for the time on Sunday. Tomorrow I take a golf lesson – I LOVE golf. (frankly I stink at it, but there are better days).
    I heard a great saying today at the meeting: “Try something new. Amateurs built the Arc. Professionals built the Titanic.” HA!

    1. Thank you Nancy!! I encourage everyone to let it all hang out during our time together, that is what we’re here for, self discovery and directional shifts once we see what we find. Congratulations on the 1.6lbs and the DRESS! Great quote!!!!

  74. So it was all about doing something for myself yesterday and that is just what I did.
    Gym, shooting range and Dragon Boat!
    Of course through out I am feeling pulled towards what I feel I must be doing. Can’t seem to let go of the need to accomplish things while I work on having fun.
    I did call in to the Leader clinc and feel good that I am reconnecting to what helps propel me forward.

    1. Yes, that is such a natural feeling. When that happens to me, I acknowledge the feeling creeping in, even say something to myself like “I know you” and smile and then say to myself, “thank goodness I am taking this down time to restore, I am at my best when balanced.”

      Since we are the only ones who can hear the thoughts in our heads, we are the only ones who can rationalize with those thoughts. It’s important to “talk back” to yourself!

  75. yikes………true confessions ……i feel so out of sorts not following my regular out of the home yoga practise ….
    I missed 5 Yoga class times in the last week and UGH ……… not like this ……lesson……….need to find back up for when my instructor takes a holiday …..I am happy for her and its so great she took time for herself ………..I took notice and observed that …..I am edgy and not firing on all

    yikes……love great lessons in life

    Have a AMAZING weekend everyone

  76. I got up early today – but that is because I felll asleep last night early. Kate – I loved your word “Restore” you used in your response to Ingrid. My goal this weekend is to complete the “Restore process” for myself. I went for my power walk today and joyously anticipate the one tomorrow!

  77. All is good here……….life on track………….except i am still sad i missed conference this year …

    Huge awakening for me was
    …..I am a person that really needs the meditation and yoga and down time……….and without my balanced time life is not as productive .
    I noticed my eating habits were not as great when i did not follow my practcise
    But ……..I lost 9.5 inches in my belly/ hip area as i was using some natural Detoxing health products during/ part of the 21 day practise ……

    This course was HUGE for me
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much

    Bad part ..I did not study at all for my SWAT courses but will start now as my yoga etc is back on track and i have redone my life exel spread sheet ….LOL and found time for all things

    Where do we go from here Kate………….whats your next class……Can’t wait
    LOVED this

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