Life Focus 21 Day Practice

Welcome!  Please check in with our group below.  Share your experiences, successes and concerns, and let us know how your transformation is progressing!

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  1. We’re on a mission to live our missions! Please check in today and let me know how you feel about getting started!

  2. I listened to the playback this afternoon (sorry I couldn’t make the call last night). It was excellent and I am going to start working on my mission statement tonight. Cheers!

  3. Good morning! There is no “stuck” today, as you are answering questions and developing your mission, let the words and feelings flow. Whatever comes out is ok and valuable.

    Please take a moment to tell us what is your favorite thing about you?

    Mine is my sense of humor, I think most situations have some comedic opportunity and I use them whenever I can to make people laugh!

  4. Hi everyone, loved the call. It was nice to hear other people beginning from the same overwhelmed place. I guess my favorite thing about me is my smile. I use it often to let people know I’m approachable!

  5. Hello! I am looking forward to figuring out my mission statement. I told a friend about our class and forwarded the worksheet link to him to tell him about it. He took it upon himself to answer question #2 for me- and so beautifully! It has inspired me to get started 🙂

    1. What an excellent way to get “un-stuck” – reaching out to a friend, they tend to be big fans and help reflect our beauty back to us!

  6. Throwing it out there… I Danielle was born at this time to inspire people and teach people to live fully…. now on to action – hmmmm, what should I choose?

    1. What is stopping you from being able to do this now? What do you need more of in your life in order to inspire and teach people to live fully?

  7. I listened to the replay today – I loved it! Here’s my first attempt at a Mission Statement:

    I was born at this time to Lead, Teach and Help Others as a Mother, Wife, Friend and Business Coach!

    1. Wonderful! How did that feel to put that out there? I can see ways to shorten, but I feel that all of the words you selected have power for you so please leave it the way it is. I know you picked your action, would you mind sharing with the group?

  8. Good morning! I applaud you on your work, this is not an easy process. Today, please be brave and let us know whatever you have at this point from mission ideas to action ideas. It can be messy right now just get it out there.

    I mentioned this on the call but my mission is, I Kate was born at this time to be joyfully present. Being present is at the core of me being able to enjoy and be there for my new baby and family and the most important part of me being a good coach. All of my other wants and desires, i.e. being successful, abundance of health, money and time, fabulous vacations, etc come as a result of my core mission of being joyfully present. Making sense?

    For my action – the biggest thing that foils my ability to remain present is the clutter I allow to build up around me, for me it’s suffocating. For 21 days I will add clarity and peace to my life each day by organizing one area around me each day. It can be one box from the basement all the way up to a whole room, but I must do this action of organizing in one area each day.

  9. It’s starting to come together… Ok, so for my mission, I Sarah was born at this time to live my words. I often feel in conflict with the positive things I say to others and then how poorly I treat myself from negative thoughts to poor health choices.
    I want an action that forces me to begin caring for myself. I am going to start each day by sitting down for a healthy breakfast. It will give me time to get centered and properly fuel me for the day ahead.

  10. for my mission statement, this could be too wordy, but I’m narrowing it down:
    I, Jill, was born at this time to live authentically, chase my dreams and inspire others to do the same.

  11. Here goes… “I Cindy was born at this time to impact/bless other’s lives through love, kindess, sharing of time, wisdom, products, and opportunity'”
    My favourite thing about me is my sense of humour. I have a great sense of humour and love making people laugh.

  12. Hi,
    My action idea would be to: everyday purposefully take action to connect with five people by phone or in person.

  13. I, Jill, was born at this time to honor my truest self, achieve my dreams and inspire by example.

    My action idea is to connect with someone every day that supports me and the person I want to be.

  14. I am so sad to say that I have to miss the call tomorrow, I teach a yoga class on Sunday evenings and won’t make it home in time for 8pm. I am sending out support to our group! I nervous to get started and hope I can make it through the full 21 days.

  15. I, Cindy, was born at this time to bless others by sharing my loves. Everyday I will purposefully take action to connect and share with five people by phone or in person.

    1. Thank you Cindy! Let us know how today went, I know it’s Thanksgiving so hopefully you were able to connect in a wonderfully festive way!

  16. i did it! sent an email to an old business friend who always inspires and encourages me. hopefully we’ll chat tomorrow.

  17. Welcome to day one! Thank you for all of your beautiful preparation this week.

    So today, for me, went nothing like I expected – My organizing action today was supposed to be assembling a wardrobe I purchased from Ikea and filling it with only the clothing I wear frequently. Instead I have pieces of of the wardrobe all over my bedroom floor (Ikea is inexpensive but makes you work for it) – so to save my day, I delegated assembling the wardrobe to my husband and took on organizing my 6 1/2 month old’s room – what a feeling of calm I had tonight walking into his room and easily finding a pair of zip up pajamas. Day one done.

  18. Catching up with our group and so happy to be a part of it!

    I, Danielle, was born at this time to inspire, play, and create growth in myself and others.

    I commit to 21 days of a minimum 30 minutes exercise every day. Day 1 = 45″ of P90X Arms and Shoulders; Day 2 = 30″ of P90X Yoga X.

    I will commit time to my action each day during the evening, and on Fridays and Saturdays in the morning. I chose this action because health was the lowest rated aspect of my life on my wheel exercise, and I know physical wellness is crucial for me to achieve and feed balance in many others areas of my life. It is exciting to see as I have increased my activity in the last week and a half how exercise has had an immediate impact on my mind, body and soul. I am finding myself in a swell of emotion as I write this…an indication this is the right direction to take. If I get discouraged, I will blog here, contact a group of peers who are aware of my action and who have committed to support, and amen for Kate!

    1. Ohhhhh, I feel your positive vibes reading this! Amazing insight getting yourself to this action and mission statement. I am so happy to be on this journey with you!

  19. Day Two done! Yes, I outsmarted Ikea and I have a logical place for my clothes, no more stacked piles on top of the shared dresser. Feeling good.

  20. So I was just starting to stress about my action step for today when I realized – it’s already done! Serendipitously, I have lunch with an old friend on my calendar. She rocks and inspires. Done!

    1. And that is the beauty of putting something out to the Universe like you all are doing during this 21 days – sometimes the universe makes it really easy.

  21. Nothing like chasing a 4 year old on a dirt bike to get my 30 minutes of exercise in this evening! Gives a whole new meaning to the term “power walking”! Two blessings…a 77 degree blue cloud, hot peach sunset evening. Owen’s quote of the day: “I have the best mommy, and there are no mommies that could replace you.” Ahh, heart’s song!

  22. and again today, my “work” is done for me. another appointment already on the calendar with someone who supports me and who I want to be. yay! I like this habit 🙂

    1. yummy! I love when your practice is fulfilling. What are you noticing about the connections you’re making, what are you doing differently?

        1. A fresh piece of fruit and a small serving of walnuts for my breakfast this morning…felt so much more enriching than something processed…thank YOU for the consciousness.

  23. Day 5 is a refresh day for me…just completed 30 minutes of yoga. The bigger significance was about my choice. Before this, I would have used going out to eat with my family and over to a friend’s home for a drink a justified trade off, or honestly an excuse, for not sticking to a workout plan. Today though, a success, the yoga felt great even at 9 at night…and what a gift to soak in today’s life focus email! definitely a “printer-outer” for me and read often! Tomorrow, an hour at the gym for me, as in the details there is no blog and hence no 30 minutes from me on day 4…although I did turn my bff on to A Fresh Perspective during her stay last night and found her up checking it out on her iPad over coffee this morning…only an architect would contrive that as extra credit, eh? See ya tomorrow after the gym! D

  24. Day 6 (and day 4 made up) accomplished! 55 minutes on cardio machines (even jogged a bit – watch out!) and 10 minutes on leg and ab machines 1st thing this morning.

  25. Hello amazing women! Here’s an update on my organizing – have had a few moments of making more of a mess in the process or cleaning up… but I did the most glorious thing – I hired someone to clean my house yesterday! I came home and clicked my heels. Sometimes we can enlist the help of others to get us on the right path.

  26. I am noticing that I am gaining momentum and that this habit is almost taking care of itself. Today I was wondering who I would get in touch with, and realized I was making plans with my cousin who works in the same business I do, and we are going to create a project together. good stuff!

    1. Hey, feeling balanced doesn’t have to be hard – we just often get in our own way. I know I do. I am so happy you are committed and finding your practice flowing smoothly. If you could make it more challenging, what would you add? What would stretch your comfort zone?

  27. What makes you nervous? When you think of doing this thing you should get butterflies in your stomach because it will challenge you. I want you to do it this week. I dare you.

  28. A mild walk yesterday and 30″ yoga today continue my action. Tonight, it was tough to get going, but at least got there! Yesterday, I accomplished my initial 21 day challenge of the same action. It was such a blessing to have my support group actually in KC (funny how this universe of ours works) to celebrate this, but most importantly, I received additional encouragement to keep on in building this habit. Incorporating the yoga into my routine is bringing back to things that bring calm into my life, so to celebrate my 1st week of life focus accomplishment, I purchased an carlos

    1. Nakai album on my iPad. Almost twenty years ago, I had a few of his albums on cassette tapes I had to search high and low to get…amazing how technology has changed!

      1. Wooo Hooo! Congratulations and even more exciting that you continue on. You are truly creating a life enhancing habit. You go girl!

  29. to challenge myself/stretch my comfort zone, I would contact more people I’ve never met but admire their work and invite them to coffee. I have one such person in mind but I haven’t done it yet 🙂

  30. Felt stuck last evening and went to bed very early in a funk. Although my son owen didn’t allow to lay around long by myself and this did create an opportunity to have a gift of a conversation about lightning McQueen and mater’s friendship. Tonight, I tried a shakti yoga stretching routine for 40″ that definitely got me re-centered towards my action.

    1. I had to google lightning McQueen and mater to get a better insight to their relationship. I smiled when I learned who they are and realized that they will become a regular part of my vocabulary as my 7 month old gets older… Great job getting back on track!

  31. I admit it…I have been struggling to complete my “action” this week. Each day that I didn’t complete my action I felt less motivated. Today I told myself that all I had to do was make ONE phone call! Then I could stop. (my goal is to make at least five) Well I made one phone call and felt the weight lift off my shoulders so I made a few more calls and even booked an appointment. I feel encouraged again. Everyone’s blogs are encouraging!

    1. This is great news. What a nice job of daring yourself to just do something and it lead you to more! This is a very important skill to master because we all slip into feeling stuck and we need to learn how to get moving again.

  32. Hello everyone, I apologize that I disappeared for a day! Our site was down and I was not able to access the blog. Thank you for your comments. Please look for responses below!

  33. Good evening! I am checking in to let you know that my healthy start practice is going well. I had one slip up yesterday where I was running late and left without eating. As I drove by McDonald’s I was so tempted but managed to keep going. It didn’t feel good not to take that extra time for me.

    1. Thank you for recognizing how you felt without your practice. Taking time to notice your feelings during these 21 days is essential to making this new habit a part of your life.

  34. glad you gave us permission to slack off today… i didn’t plan ahead to connect with a supportive person, but even as i tried at the last minute to get together with 2 different friends, it didn’t work out. so- a day off it is!

  35. oh boy. i’ve been so unexpectedly busy that i haven’t made a connection in the last couple of days. getting back on track today!

  36. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Today I am going to put first things first. I have to remind myself of that every day. Have a great day everyone 🙂

    1. It feels like a constant reminder, but once you do it enough days in a row it becomes your way. Great job recognizing the challenge and what you need to do to conquer it.

  37. what I have noticed is that there are some awesome amazing people out there. And now I am seeking them out and paying attention, they seem to be everywhere! so joyful.

    1. There all around us yet we often use so much time taking care of the “squeaky” people instead of connecting with people that nurture our souls. Congratulations on pursuing this challenge!

  38. Thank you Kate for your post on the 17th, “what makes you nervous?” even though I have been successful at my action of exercise, this question made look at the whole picture of health – mostly nutrition…yikes! Interestingly enough and unsolicited, a friend has also reached out and shared a healthful plan she felt would work well for me and so over the weekend I decided to give it a shot! Always amazing how the universe gifts you friends and opportunities when you need them most!

    1. I hear you loud and clear about the Universe listening and providing. I had an experience this week that gave me a similar message. It was a calendar entry I made 11 months ago. I wrote in my outlook calendar 11 months ago for yesterday’s date that I would achieve an overall sales budget for my day job. Right after seeing the calendar entry I received a congratulatory email from my General Sales Manager saying I had achieved budget…yesterday! I guess we just need to let the universe know what we want.

  39. Anyone who feels up to it, check in and let us know what you’ve accomplished BIG or small over these 21 days. I have two IKEA wardrobes set-up for all of my clothing so I no longer have to see the overwhelming clutter of my clothes in piles. I have reached out for help to a person who now comes to help me clean my house regularly – this allows me more time with my baby, Leif, instead of cleaning or actually wishing the house was clean. (I didn’t always get around to the cleaning)

    The biggest benefit is I have experienced many moments where I felt completely present over these last few weeks. I stopped the internal chatter and just lived. It was glorious and I continue to make this my ongoing practice.

  40. Hi friends! I have had ups and downs but when I really reflect on the last 19 days – more ups than downs. It has become much easier to make the right choices at mealtimes. I notice more energy and even a better outlook – I have been way less grumpy at the end of my days. I plan to continue my habit or rather make this a habit. Feeling good…

  41. Out at our best friend’s farm this weekend and literally completed my action over the river and through the woods yesterday – divine! Of course today it may need to be two rounds over the river and through the woods because of the beautiful brisket we smoked yesterday and all the eats to go with it! 🙂 there are four deer in their front lawn as I write having their breakfast this morning…hmm, that doesn’t happen in the suburbs! What fun!

    1. Congratulations Danielle! You can officially take your action anywhere! You’ve earned your brisket! I am so inspired by your beautiful energy, thank you for sharing it with our group!

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