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You can create a plan to realize any dream. If you can dream it, you can create goals to achieve it! Goals are the “markers” of where you want to be at a particular time. They are the “locators” to let you know if you are on track. View a goal not as “the end result,” but as “the means” for realizing your ultimate dream.

Establish “Target Goals”

As you plan your goal, decide what would be the ultimate achievement. That’s your “bull’s eye goal. Then decide what is the least you will accept. That becomes your “outer rim goal.” You won’t settle for any less!

• Write your goals: Committing your goals to paper focuses your energy.
• Share your goals: Your goal becomes more real to you every time you talk about it. Plus, each person who knows your goal becomes part of your support system.
• Decide on your strategies to achieve your goal: Your strategies are your game plan.
• Support Your Strategy With Action Steps: Write down the specific activities you will do to accomplish your strategy. Your actions don’t have to be perfect. You’ll improve with practice. Commit to yourself to do a little bit better today than you did yesterday. The more you do, the better you’ll feel. Your self-confidence and self-esteem go up a few notches every time you get into action.
• Write an affirmation: Fear and self-doubt are “success thieves.” Write a positive statement that will boost your confidence when “success thieves” threaten.
• Identify the support you need: Write down the tools and support you need and seek it out to ensure that your strategy will work.
• Identify obstacles: When you look ahead to possible obstacles, you can identify solutions in advance. You may never encounter those obstacles, but you’ll have the security of feeling prepared.
• Reward yourself! Little rewards along the way will make it much more likely that you will continue to set and achieve your goals!