Take Back Your Closets, Kitchen and Workspace!

Created exclusively for Direct Sales Professionals!

You will never truly experience all of the benefits and satisfaction that can come from a successful home-based business if you are constantly nagged by the feeling that your home life is being neglected as a result.

If your home is lacking order and organization, then don’t miss these special sessions by your Fresh Team Professional Organizer Kimberly Medlock!

These sessions will give you specific systems and strategies for addressing the key areas of your home – closets, kitchen and workspace!  It is packed with must-know information if you truly want less clutter and chaos in your home and life.

Part 1 – Closets! Will be sent to you as an mp3 audio file with a Closet Organization Guide pdf

Part 2 – Kitchen!  Will be sent to you as an mp3 audio file with a Kitchen Organization Guide pdf

Part 3 – Workspace!  Will be sent to you as a webinar* with a Workspace Organization Guide/Worksheet


You will need to download a quick, free, and safe “CODEC” to view/play the webinar.  The CODEC is available totally free at:  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/wmcomponents.mspx

**Read what people are saying about Kimberly’s courses**

Well – I took the plunge and rose to the challenge of my closet – oh what a feeling!  I am donating a mountain of clothes/shoes that I never wear, don’t like and don’t feel good in.  I was so pumped I took on the ensuite bathroom as well.  It’s like there’s a load off my mind that I didn’t know was even there!  It feels so good that I keep looking for more things to organize – can’t wait for the next session!  Ginny Morris

Thank You!!!!! The call was wonderful! I am thrilled to have the handouts as a reference as I tackle my house…they are full of great ideas, advice and info. Thanks again….and stay safe tonight!  Jenny Brant

Kimberly, thank you so much for your webcast tonight.  You motivated me and gave me lots of information that I know will help me, especially with paper management and closet management.  I know I am going to be able to get a handle on getting organized and eliminating clutter!

Thank you so much!  I just have to tell you how much your class motivated me.  Not only have I organized my office, but I have also organized my husband’s office for him.  We both have offices at home so it is so nice to no longer have two rooms of chaos!  Thanks again!  Diann

Are you ready to Take Back YOUR Space?  ALL THREE sessions only $69!

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