COST: 4-Week Tele-course Series is $99* and includes MP3 downloads of the QUAD Coaching training set. All classes recorded for your convenience.

Becoming a great coach is the secret to building a large, thriving organization. QUAD Coaching gives you the keys.  Lyn Conway developed this 4-week Tele-course and is your coach. When you learn to ask, not tell, you accomplish so much!

  • By asking rather than telling, you help your team mate discover her own compelling WHY.
  • By asking rather than telling, you help her find her own answers within a safe framework.
  • By asking rather than telling, you encourage your team mate to tap into her own experience base and take ownership of her answers.
  • By asking rather than telling, you develop two-way communication that rewards you with the feeling of making a difference.

QUAD Coaching is about asking, not telling! The QUAD approach works when you’re coaching because you discover what your team mate needs to build a business that meets her needs, you let her know you truly understand her hopes, dreams and frustrations, you help her discover her own reasons to commit time and energy and you encourage her to decide to take action.Whether you have one person in your Success Line or hundreds, you will benefit from this four-week tele-class. You will learn and practice techniques to become an excellent coach! Lyn’s 2-CD QUAD Coaching download is included with the course:

CD 1 – Coaching with the QUAD
* What is QUAD Coaching?
* Why does it work?
* Becoming a great QUAD coach!

CD 2 – QUAD Coaching in Action
* Questions are the answer!
* Role-plays of challenging situations
* Knowing when to let go

These are the details you need to know before you enroll:

* If you want to become a world-class coach, this four-week series is for you.
* Each call is an hour long.
* You can experience the benefits of Tele-course training from your home, car or office.
* After you register, you will receive the confidential information needed to join the weekly calls.
* Class size is limited so that you will to be able to participate and ask questions. Once the class is filled, we will put you on a waiting list for the next series.
* Because we know “life happens,” we will record each call to a replay line so you can listen during the week if you have to miss the weekly “live” call.

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Download the companion workbook for both CDs – see below (requires the free Acrobat Reader.)
QUAD Coaching Workbook[Download PDF]