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“I am getting more organized with each call! Kitchen DONE, Closet DONE! Even organized my bathroom! SO excited and so is my hubby! Love the slim line hangers!! Who knew something so little could make such a big difference?!” M. Williams 7/2010

This Fresh Series was originally recorded by Kimberly Medlock and is offered to you as a pre-recorded, self-study series. Purchase the calls singly, or as a set, and listen at your leisure!

* Organization Solutions for Your Kitchen (The heart and hub of most every home!)
* Closet and Wardrobe Makeover (Your closet and wardrobe can have a serious impact on the quality of your day!)
* Home Paper Management Solutions (Get ready to take back your kitchen counters and master all of the information in your home!)
* Kids’ Organizing Solutions (Help them learn valuable skills they can use for life!)

Kimberly Medlock, (Board Certified Professional Organizer, certified Interior Redesign Specialist AND Direct Sales Expert) is your Fresh Team host for these four tele-classes that will give you all of the support and tools you will need to finally get your home and life organized and under control! And because Kimberly is also certified in Interior Redesign, she gives you lots of tips and expert advice for making your home look as good as it feels!

Bonus: An exclusive workbook and checklist so you will always have the information at your fingertips.

Best Value!   Purchase all 4 call for only $59!

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Closet/Wardrobe Organization

Your closet really matters!  Closet clutter can be one of the worst culprits for sabotaging your productivity and your peace of mind.  Your closet is where you start preparing yourself each day.  What happens there can greatly influence the success of your day.  If your closet is a mess and you often feel like, “I have nothing to wear!”, this pre-recorded call and handout is for you.  An organized closet can save you time and money, reduce stress, boost your confidence and even help you attract more business!

You will learn:

  • The right way to organize your closet and wardrobe
  • Simple ways to instantly add more space to your closet
  • How to know what to keep and when it’s time to let items go
  • What to do with your “fat and skinny” clothes
  • Great tricks for keeping your closet organized and avoiding the rut of wearing the same things over and over
  • Bonus information for organizing your accessories, makeup and jewelry too!
  • Complimentary reference guide to help you stay on course!

Purchase the Closet/Wardrobe Organization call for only $19!

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Kitchen Organization

If your home is feeling cluttered and chaotic, the best place to start restoring order is your kitchen.  It doesn’t matter if you are an everyday cook or an occasional cook, the kitchen is probably the place your family spends the majority of their time.  It’s also where your guests automatically seem to migrate!  Having a well-organized kitchen will not only make you feel good and save you time, it can also save you a lot of money!  We guarantee this class will change your buying habits!

You will learn:

  • How to organize everything from pantry to refrigerator, seasonings to spatulas
  • Clever products that can give you tons of additional space in your kitchen
  • Tips for easier grocery shopping and meal preparation that save you time and money
  • Tips for making it easier for everyone in your home (even little children) to help themselves and help keep the kitchen organized!
  • Complimentary reference guide to help you stay on course!

Purchase the Kitchen Organization call for only $19!

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Home Paper Management and Organization

Got piles?  Bills, receipts, magazines, kids’ school papers, shot records, junk mail, ads, invitations, vacation brochures, insurance information, pet records, and on and on and on.  If you don’t have a system for managing all of this, then you most likely experience frustration, massive paper piles and the occasional panic when you need to find something fast (or when unexpected company stops by!)  Let Kimberly show you how to eliminate the perpetual piles and set up a super-easy filing system that allows you to file it and find it when you need it!

You will learn:

  • An easy system for processing all incoming paper items
  • Specific category ideas/suggestions for setting up a thorough home information management system
  • How you can drastically reduce the amount of junk mail you now receive
  • A simple system for keeping track of all of your tax records to make tax time a snap!
  • Handy, inexpensive product ideas (and pictures!) that make it all even easier
  • Complimentary reference guide to help you stay on course

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Organization Ideas for Your Children

Being “organized” is a learned skill.  Teaching your children the value and “how to” of being organized is not only great parenting but can also save your whole family a lot of stress, time and frustration.  Organization skills will serve your children throughout their lives!  These skills will improve their results at school, at home, and eventually, on-the job.  AND it’s never too late to teach the “big kids” in your home these skills and habits.  If you don’t have children yourself, you’re sure to know people who do and you can be a life-saver to them!

You will learn:

  • Ideas and tips for organizing your kids’ rooms – including clothes, toys and “stuff”!
  • Tips for how to make it easier (and maybe even fun!) for your kids to keep their rooms neat and organized
  • Clever products and ideas that can add extra space to even the smallest spaces
  • Time management tips for tweens and teenagers
  • Ideas to influence everyone in your home to “get organized” and stay that way!

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Best Value!  Purchase All 4 Home Organization pre-recorded calls for only $59!

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Here is what others have said about our Home Organization calls:

  • “Thank you for such a wonderful handout and tele-class.  I can’t wait to get started!”
  • “I appreciate all of your help getting us all organized!  I listened to the closet organizing tele-class yesterday and it was great. I was so inspired!  I was also able to get tons of paper clutter and trash out of my office today. I am not done, but I am so much happier already!”
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve made tremendous progress in the weeks since the first call.  Two days after the closet call, I removed about 10 kitchen size trash bags of clothing, shoes and “stuff” from my closet.  I am seeing results in my business already.  I feel lighter and more self-confident; more relaxed and I find it easier to ask every person at my parties if they’d like to host a show. I’ve gotten bookings at every party I’ve had since [taking the classes].  I’m also offering the business opportunity to a lot more people than I had been previously.  Thanks again for giving me the motivation and inspiration I needed to get this done!”

Isn’t your home worth it too?