Eagle School is the most advanced leadership course I teach. Many top Party Plan Leaders are graduates. They have learned to fly like an eagle AND spot eagles in their organization. Now, you can too!

This course is different than anything else I teach:

  • It’s a long course – 9 classes and a one-on-one with me
  • It’s an intense course – I will invite you to look at yourself and your organization and be honest about what you see.
  • Class size is very small. Because I have so much personal interaction with you, I strictly limit class size.

Here is some information to help you decide if you want to apply for an upcoming session of Eagle School.

The goal of Eagle School is twofold:

  • To help you develop your leadership skills
  • To help you pinpoint potential leaders (eaglets) in your organization and work with them to advance in rank and stay qualified

Details, details, details:

  • All classes are recorded for your convenience. Participants are encouraged to participate actively, so, although I record the classes, my hope is that you will attend most classes “live.”
  • You will have an hour of 1:1 personal coaching with me to talk about your “eaglets.”
  • I strictly limit registration so that we can work with a small group.   When a session is full, I will put you on a waiting list for the next session of Eagle School.
  • You will have some self-work to do between classes.  You will get the biggest benefit from the course if you make time to do the work.


The course cost is $375*. You may hold your place with a $125 deposit and pay the rest in two installments if you like.

To apply to Eagle School, please contact me. Indicate “Eagle School Request” in the subject line: Click Here