Attention! If you are ready, willing and able to promote (or re-promote) in rank, I am ready to lead you through your promotion Boot Camp. Commit to the 5 weeks with me and I will help you achieve your goals!

What might a promotion mean to you?

  •      Increase in pay?
  •      Increased recognition?
  •      Increased self-confidence?
  •      Increased satisfaction as you help others achieve their goals?

If you said, “Yes!” to any of these, sign up for Boot Camp. As the name implies, Boot Camp is tough! I will be both your Drill Sergeant and your cheerleader as you develop skill and stamina.

Here’s what we will do during our 5 weeks together:

  • Week 1 – Pack for Camp and plan the trip
  • Week 2 – Set Target Goals and PLAN to achieve them
  • Week 3 – Improve your prospecting and recruiting skills
  • Week 4 – Learn to track your success and plan for contingencies
  • Week 5 – Develop systems and organization skills to stay strong

Winter Boot Camp begins Friday, February 22 at noon ET. (Click here to convert to your time zone.) We will meet on Conference Calls, in a private group blog and on quick accountability calls.

Camp Conference Call Dates: February 22, March 1, 8, 15 and 22. I will record all calls for your convenience in case you have to miss a call or would like to listen again.

Cost: $125 for the 5-week Camp.

Click here to REGISTER NOW!