Stylists aren’t just for celebrities anymore!

Jill Marinelli, Personal Stylist

                               A message from Jill Marinelli

Why shouldn’t you look and feel as fab at the grocery store as you do for a special event?  Life is a red carpet, and first impressions are everything – in life and in business.

My name is Jill Marinelli and I love helping every day women look anything but ordinary.  The best thing about my job is watching my clients uncover their authentic selves and bring it to life via wardrobe.  I’ve been told I take style to a spiritual level.  LOVE that.

We all get into style ruts.  Between work, kids, husbands and day-to-day life, we can lose ourselves and forget that appearance is a way of communicating to others.  I can help you rediscover your uniqueness and send the world a message about who you are.  When you express your individuality, you SHINE; you are confident.  You are known.  And we all want to be known.

This course includes a link to Jill’s video on how to take your measurements, a worksheet to help you keep track of your numbers, AND guides describing how to determine your body shape and the clothing that will help you look and feel your BEST.

It will be the best $30 you have ever spent on your look!
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