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  1. Good Morning!
    o.k. Today is the day to begin a new habit, one new habit. The ‘one’ thing is to incorporate swimming into my weekly exercise routine. I am trying not to make too many changes. I tend to see the big picture and then put in ‘alot’ of changes to change many areas of my life at once. Then I get overwhelmed, the plan falls apart, and then I get nowhere.
    So: “I will stick to my weekly exercise schedule with swimming, walking, and cycling.”
    Oh my, it is really hard to not list all the other ‘goals’ I have that would fit in this new schedule…
    Have a great day, Sue

    1. Hi Sue!!! I LOVE your enthusiasm! You actually have until Sunday to officially start your 21 days of forming/living your new habit, but I love that you are taking action today.

      I want to clarify something with you, is swimming a new addition to your daily exercise routine? If so, great – please add it! Now I am asking you to get even clearer – when and how long are you exercising each day?

      Very inspiring!

  2. I am so excited to see where this challenge is going to take me in a month! My new habit is easy to choose. I am going to make 5 business-building calls a day. My one question is this…my sister and I just recently began a new plan for exercising and eating healthy. Can I keep working at that with her as I implement my new habit?

    1. Dear Jenn, how exciting that you are already clear on your new habit!! The next steps will be to define it even more clearly. When will you make those 5 business contacts each day and do you consider leaving a message a contact or will you hold yourself to speaking to 5 strong business contacts each day?

      Please continue your plan for exercising and eating healthy, that sounds wonderful – just make sure this new habit becomes a blocked priority in your day beginning this Sunday!

      Great job!

      1. Hi Kate – I am torn about timing of the calls. I would love to say I’d do it first thing in the morning, but am afraid I will miss most people due to work. And then there is that big question as to actual contact, or messages. I don’t want to think, “Yay…left 5 messages…I’m done!” On the other hand, I have in the past gotten very frustrated making so many calls and not being able to reach anyone. Suggestions?

        1. Hi Jenn! So you have to keep in mind that you are crafting a habit that you will be able to continue with after the 21 days are completed. It is important to create a habit that can truly fit into your life going forward. When you look at your day, when is it most realistic for you to make these calls? If it is only the morning, then go for it!

          As far as how many contacts versus messages you make each day – you have to explore that a little further. You have chosen this habit because you want to give your business a boost, so what ratio of messages versus contacts will do that. This may be something you are experimenting with during your first 7 days. For example, maybe this is a timed experience rather than a number of calls – for example “I will spend 30 minutes each morning making business contact calls”.

          What feels right and effective for you?

          You’re almost there! Great work!!!

  3. Thanks for the call last night. It was a great way to begin the class. My comfort zone is already stretched, so I know that I’m headed in the right direction.

    1. Thanks Beth! You gave us some great laughs! Yes, the comfort zone stretching is a very good sign. Let us know if you have a few choices right now for direction and we will help you narrow!

  4. Hi Lyn and Kate, I was unable to listen last night but did this morning. Great ideas, and my habit I am choosing to modify (hah!!, I mean change completely) is my lifelong problem getting out of bed at a decent time…working from home is hard for someone undisciplined like here I go! This will affect ALL other facets of my life for the better. Lyn, how do I get my credit card # to you? Thanks a bunch both of you. Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki! We missed you but so glad you are a part of our group! More discipline is always a great challenge and picking a specific area to focus like waking up at a specific time each day is a great way to focus it.

      So now you have to design how this will look exactly – what time will you rise each day and how will you do it? Would it help to get a new alarm clock or possibly use music? What will you do first each day when you wake up at this new hour to help the extra time work for you each day?

      Great start!

  5. Well, well, where do I start? I look at the Wheel of Life and see that all areas need major improvement! But, as I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school and looked around my house at all the clutter I have carefully piled up around the house, I know what my habit needs to be. Somewhere along the line of kids growing, and starting lots of activities as well as school, and trying to build a successful business, I’ve let things around the house slide.

    I thought last night that I didn’t want to focus on something that wasn’t business related, as I thought that it would be a waste of having Lyn and Kate’s experience here for the next 4 weeks, so I should really focus on a habit that will enhance my business, however now I see that when I can get a handle on keeping my office, bedroom and the one kitchen counter that my husband hates having clutter on cleaned up, then I feel I can get a better handle on being more organized and sticking to my other goals, especially with my business. I realized this as I picked up my 2011 agenda that I had put aside with a pile of other folders, and magazines and looked at it and noticed that I had forgotten to mail out a hostess pack and also forgotten to call a lead!!

    I’m noticing too that my children are also getting a bit unorganized and losing toys and games and I think, how can I get mad at them when they see what I am doing? Now, don’t get me wrong, the house is clean, there are no bugs crawling around, just maybe a dust bunny or two and you’re not going to see me on an episode of “Hoarders”, it’s just not organized and it really bothers my husband who has clinically diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (good thing he’s away alot!!). So in getting organized and keeping things in their place it will enhance not just my business, but also my relationship with my husband and teach my kids to be more responsible, which will make us all happy! It’s a win / win!

    1. Hi Cathy! Your post made me laugh so hard! I know we won’t find you on “Hoarders”, but it sounds like making of habit of keeping your home organized will make a great impact on your business and family life! That sounds like a great choice.

      Now you need to define it more clearly, what exactly will the habit look like for the 21 days? Will you tackle organizing one area per day and practice keeping finished areas together or do you have a way that works better for you? Let us know.

      This sounds like a perfect challenge! Can’t wait to hear more!

      1. I hadn’t even begun to think about how I was going to do it as it can get a bit overwhelming. I get started on one room (say my office), get interrupted and then move on to another room without finishing the first. So, I like your idea of organizing one area per day and then practice keeping the finished areas together! Seems less overwhelming. I’m honestly my own worst critic too as my friends always say that the house is spotless, but I’m just good at hiding things away! :0) Getting excited about starting this challenge! Now to decide where to start!

        1. Hello
          OMG Cathy we are kindred spirits I am looking around at my life and I need to “change” SO MANY things but I think the biggest part is really starting to schedule my life! I just went trough my 8th nanny in 2 years (apparantly they don’t like living in the selcution that I call home) So along with all the other changes that I am about to embark on. I am also dealing with that New game plan! I hired a housekeeper today to come once a week and I have asked my mom to come to work with us and stay 10 days a month while my husband is at work! I too am pulling out my dusty daytimer and starting to figure out how to use it. I am also going to utilize my 19 hours a week at gymnastics with my daughters better and create my business on wheels!!! My chant for 2012 is “Do YOUR JOB!” which in itself emcompasses so many things. I need to narrow things down and focus more on the habit and I need to be a finisher not a starter!

          1. Excellent Celeste! Explore this idea of developing your business on wheels. What are some ways you can make this really effective for yourself? I think you may be onto something here!

  6. I am in the midst of relistening to last night’s call. I am also a person who has to go away and process what I’ve heard. I am struggling with what to choose. It seems as though I have so many habits that need changing. I thought it was going to be so simple to choose at the beginning…

    1. Dear Cindy, that is exactly why we leave a week to choose what habit to develop, this is not always an easy decision. Take time to complete the “Wheel of Life” exercise and make sure to fill in the second page which asks you what you can do in each area to make a positive impact on your life.

      Once you have filled that out, narrow to three areas that either seem most challenging (might as well take advantage of doing this in a group) or three areas that really resonate most with you.

      Let’s check in tomorrow and see what you have narrowed to and then we can go from there! You’re in motion – congratulations!

  7. I am so proud of the good work that all of you are doing! You are involved and engaged in the process. It’s a great place to start! Kate’s comments are right on target. Avoid being hard on yourself. It doesn’t serve you or your choice to become a better version of yourself. I’m sending BIG HUGS to each of you! Lyn

  8. Missed the call sunday. Had to come home today with my son who is sick so I started checking my email. I just listened to the call. First, I am so relieved to be somewhat normal, ha! Part of me was afraid that I was more broken than most. Anyway I think I know where I need to start but I dont want to start there because it was not my plan. I have known for a long time I really need to make my husband a priority in my life. I am not warm and fuzzy and not big on affection except with my kids. But as I look at the wheel I keep coming back to spouse. Even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable and of course he will want to talk about it, ugh!! But I know in this moment that is my start.

    1. Hi Tina! It is great to hear from you, we are thrilled to have you as a part of our group!

      Ok, so I sense a lot of resistance toward the possible habit you are thinking of creating. That may just mean it is a perfect challenge for you or that we need to shape it into something that you will look forward to incorporating each day.

      Ask yourself, how will making my husband a priority in my life impact my life? What are some specific actions I can do each day to do this? When you think of doing them daily, how does that make you feel?

      Trust me, I like a good challenge! It’s time to start shaping this into your habit. We look forward to seeing it develop.

  9. I am on a business road trip with my husband, and he was the one who thought I should do this. So I had his undivided attention for 5 hours while we drove to Regina. He has agreed to be my mentor for this 4 weeks session. We went through the “wheel of life” in great detail and I am getting closer to coming up with forming a new habit.

    I have to say that this is the most excited I have been about doing something in a long time!

  10. This is both exciting and making my head spin. I desperately need this challenge and to follow through on it. I am often gung ho and give up too easily. I have several habits that I want to change, improve, or implement but have to narrow it down. I am going to work on the worksheets you gave us shortly. I also plan on listening to the replay because I need to hear things more than once. Organization and time management are huge obstacles for me. When there is too much clutter at home, school, and when it comes to my business I just shut down because when everything is disorganized I feel like my brain is too. I am always running late for everything and do not like to get out of bed on time and these cause too much undue stress in my life. I did get a book about getting organized and they suggested what was in an earlier blog – to complete one room at a time but of course keep it that way while doing other rooms. I have trouble organizing my time to fit things in like reading the book on organizing my life or even to read Lyn’s books. Another habit I am looking at is also the 5 contacts a day or 15-30 minutes a day on calls – but these are the easiest for me to avoid because they are difficult to do. I am a mess.

    1. Stephanie, this is like looking into mirror for me. A lot of your issues are my issues. My demon is computer games and I took the ” goal setting” course with Lyn in Sept to try to rectify that and did not follow through. My other demon is not wanting to get on the phone. Before I retired I was in a call center for 11 years and was literally tied to a phone and it is such a challenge for me to even call my friends. I am so looking forward to the opportunity of this challenge however don’t know what my habit change will be yet….

    2. Dear Stephanie, you are not a mess! One word that keeps popping up for you is time. It sounds like being late, waking up late and “finding” time for some of the things you’d like to be doing adds stress to your life.

      Would focusing on a simple habit of being 15 minutes early for everything, including waking up, help relieve some of the stress you carry on a daily basis? TRUST me, I know I said “simple habit”, but as someone who also struggles to be on time, this would be a challenging habit.

      Think about it, you may even be able to have those books you want to read along with you for the few minutes you now have to wait when you’re early.

      This is just an option, no pressure to choose this habit!

  11. Good Morning,
    I missed a day on the blog, yesterday, but I did stick to my ‘one’ change.
    My morning incorporates/schedules 4 parts of my wheel: Family, business, physical environment, and health.
    I stated that my change was to incorporate swimming into my exersize plan.
    I have not done the swim thing, but still planning on it. I too have sooooo much
    I want to change. Things that my business needs for me to succeed. But without
    relizing at the time, this change of exersize has imipacted my morning.
    What I ultimately need (sure hope there is spell checker working here) is to have a
    ‘working’ schedule – one that keeps me scheduled with work tasks scheduled to keep
    me accountable for their completion. Yes, schedule-schedule-schedule…
    I am excited only 3 days into this class. I am so motivated by the blog, the honesty of
    of the women with their stories. Thank you for helping me see what I need through you
    sharing what you need. Last Sunday as I look at my notes, the second questions we answered was: when are you fully alive. Plus a note I have is: why am I creating a new habit. And the comment of: give up struggling…
    What these questions mean to me is that I must set my schedule to accomodate me, my physical internal time clock and a schedule that will energize me.
    Here is what I have relized in 3 short days…
    My prior schedule for years: get up at 6 a.m. and get kids off to school.
    at 8 a.m. be at gym or even be too tired and skip it.
    the rest of day is constant motion of sometimes just constant
    Last 3 days: get up a 6 a.m. and get kids off to school
    at 7 a.m. watch Today show till 8 a.m. while doing household clean up chores.
    at 8 am go to my office and work on emails and organize the rest of my day.
    at 9:30 leave for gym — I am now energized and ready to exercise and know
    what the rest of my day has in store for me.
    return home at 11:30 — and it is Still Morning!
    o.k. So, here is where the ‘rest of my day’ still needs work….. Sticking to the schedule
    of the rest of my day…

    My excitement is that I do get work done for my business for a straight 1 1/2 hours before the gym. My excitement is that I have found (without knowing) that I was too tired to go to the gym before 10 am. And that when I went to the gym before time in my office – the time at the gym was thinking about what I was going to do the rest of the day. And then I felt like I wasn’t doing my business and when I got home I was tired and didn’t work my business as well.
    I am looking at my whole morning as my ‘job’. I have many Leaders of my direct sales team that have full time jobs, family, and a successful direct sales business. They are scheduled to the minute, i think they would have to be. So, I am lucky to have a morning schedule that helps balance my wheel.
    Habit over the next month. Stick to morning schedule no matter what. Don’t freak out about my afternoon schedule – feel good about what I accomplished in the morning. If I stick to it – In March I can work on my afternoon schedule… So, the swimming? Next week will start that.
    Right now I am very excited about my 8 to 9:30 morning accomplishments.
    For the record, I am going to the gym – Swimming doesn’t seem as important as sticking to my newly created morning time slots for tasks at hand…
    WOW.. I just reread all I shared this morning. I this called an affirmation?
    Thank you Lyn, Kate, and everyone taking this class. It is nice to wake up and know I am not alone in my struggles to really do what I want to do.
    Sue B.

    1. Hi Sue, I loved what you had to say. I love your schedule idea. I still haven’t decided on my habit. Maybe it will be a combination of what I read and hear on this blog. I love this blogging thing. I have never done it before… :O)

    2. Hi Sue, you are incredible! I love reading the process you have gone through to pick the habit that will make the biggest impact right now on your life.

      I agree that sticking to your new morning schedule is a great habit for you to create. So, clearly define that schedule for yourself before we get started.

      Thank you for sharing this!! Great work!

      1. Hi Sue,
        You sound so much like me! I have my mornings scheduled for the most part and then after lunch when my son is home from school it all falls apart! My habit is going to be more organized and keep the “clutter” out of my home. I do feel much better when the house is clean and tidy and I can find everything easy. Good luck on keeping to your schedule!

  12. Hi,
    I am so excited to start “de-cluttering” my home! I can’t wait until Sunday to start, so thought I would get started on my bedroom first, along with the ensuite and then move on to my office! I have so many customer care calls and follow ups to do, but can’t seem to concentrate on them as I look around and see what needs to be done. So…I made the trek to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up some great new slim hangers, some new drawer organizers and some storage bins. Getting started on the first room tonight now that the kids are in bed, and will tackle the office tomorrow!

    This is really good to have someone to be accountable to. I started cleaning up my business area in the basement (where I keep my extra catalogs, display items, etc) last week and it’s still half done. I have old inventory from a previous job that needs to be gone through and packed up, or thrown out. That might have to be tomorrow night’s job! I know, one day at a time, but there’s so much to do. :0)

    My other struggle is with my husband gone so much, my 2 kids seem to need extra attention from me (they are 5 and 7), and I feel like I need to give it to them after school and in the evening, but those seem to be the best time for me to reach people when I need to call. I do try to have a few nights a week to be able to sit down and cuddle, it’s just finding the balance with them. Maybe that will be my next habit once I have this one down.

    Can you tell I’m an impatient person?!

  13. Good Morning Everyone,
    Another day and soon another week gone by. Instead of reflecting on what I did Not get done this week. I am relfecting on what I Did get done this week. I guess another change/habit I am working on to make myself feel better about my accomplishments. I think Thursday is good for this because I still have Friday to work on the absolute things needed to be finished for the week. Stephanie ~ I so understand the ‘many started and few finished’ projects around the house. Is it that multi tasking curse? My absolute Friday task is to get my work done that is piled up on my dining room table. It is the spot where I put all my papers and stuff to mail. Cathy, when my boys were litttle and my husband was gone all week, every week, I made customers calls on Saturday mornings. I still do, it works, even if I just leave a message. It also makes me feel better that I took time for the task. o.k. ~ another day to ‘hit the ground running’.
    Make it a great day everyone.
    Sue B.

  14. While I am away from home I am reflecting on how I seem to have “make work” projects on the go and never seem to get them complete. For example I am not sure how to set up the Contact list file so I have dozens of pieces of paper with names on them and dates of when I call them on but don’t know when the appropriate space of time is to call back (because I rarely get a live body), so then I generate another piece of paper. I have a file full of these papers, don’t know what to do with it. Do I throw them out and start over (it has been weeks since I have made any calls)? I still don’t have a habit decided on….today is supposed to be the day…By the way are we supposed to make individual comments on what each other says or just leave comments such as this one and make remarks like Sue did….

      1. Hi Cindy,
        One of the best systems that I’ve discovered for this is to take some time over the weekend to make a list of the names and phone numbers of the people you want to reach in the week ahead. Then, on Monday, you start at the top of the list and call down the list until you reach 5 (or whatever number of contacts you chose). If you don’t reach someone, you leave the message that you’ll try again tomorrow. On Tuesday, you make calls until you reach 5. Traveling down your list like this helps you feel in control and you have a track record of your calls for the wee. Of course, it helps to vary your call times so you’re not always calling at the same time. Next weekend – new list.
        Hugs, Lyn

  15. I’ve decided that my goal is to incorporate meditation into my daily life. It’s been suggested to me several times but until now I’ve resisted. I’m expecting to increase my mental clarity and peace of mind. Sometimes the negative thoughts get raging and it leads to just a barrage of more negativity. So with that mental clarity and peace of mind I can redirect my thoughts and beliefs to positive ones. Like everyone else, I want to attract positivity in my life (so long, insanity!). A positive outlook will benefit every area of my life, and certainly support me in making the daily business contacts, etc. Being persistent and consistent in all things.

    1. Hi Beth,
      Incorporating meditation into my daily life is something I have always wanted to do. Are you using any books or audios to get you started? I’m very interested.
      Hugs, Lyn

      1. Hi Lyn,
        I’ve been “dabbling” with meditation for about a week. No set time or schedule. But I have signed up for a free meditation audio (via email) through Deepak Chopra’s website. They’re having a 21-day challenge too! His program is a gradual progression so far. And from what I’ve read, there are so many different types of mediation. I’m not sure I’m the chanting type so I will stick with 20 minutes of breath-focused stillness. The goal is to focus on the present (the breathing) and to gently shift the mind back to the breath when it wanders. I’m noticing that it takes practice, and I believe that by the end of the 21 days the meditation will have a different (deeper?) effect.

  16. Okay, bedroom is about 75% done. I’m happy with that as I had kids get up after bedtime, which interrupted me. The ensuite…is sweet! I used to just leave my makeup and cleansers on my vanity, and hung up my facecloths all over the place to dry (seems I need a new one everyday), which just made the bathroom look messy. I went and bought some great bamboo boxes to put my skincare in, threw out all the old makeup in the medicine cabinet (don’t really know why I needed that shade of lipstick from 1999!), and put my current makeup into said medicine cabinet…neatly, and am using a cool toothbrush holder for my makeup brushes. AND….it’s still like that tonight! I know this seems like trivial stuff, but when everything is in it’s place I am a happy lady, which in turn makes me a happy Mom.

    I didn’t get to start the office today, still need some tools to organize that. Need to get a garbage can and some more folders etc. I’ll have to work on that this weekend as it might take a bit of time. Just trying to decide how I really want it organized so that it’s easy for me to find things.

    Now after a week of no carbs (started a new diet this week too, crazy!), I’m heading to bed early. Tomorrow is cheat day! :0) There will be a burger on the menu at some time!
    Have a great one ladies!

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I am soooooooo impressed! None of it sounds trivial. In fact, it sounds life-changing. Thank you for sharing it on the blog.
      Hugs, Lyn

  17. Hello,
    It is Friday. Love reading the blog of what you gals have done this week. Meditation. Love it. I think I should do that. In what form? Yoga? I would love to hear/read more. Maybe that is what I should do at the gym instead of swimming. Which by the way I have not gotten to the swimming yet. But I have done great with my morning schedule so far.
    Well. It is time for me scoot off to the gym. Have a great weekend to relax, be with friends, and/or organize yourself. Till 8:00 p.m. Sunday eve.
    Smiles, Sue

  18. Good afternoon ladies!

    So I have decided that my habit will be Health related. I will be going to our recreation center to walk the track with a friend(I have already arranged this!!!) 3 mornings a week. The other 2 mornings I will be “stepping” for 30 minutes working up to 60 minutes on the Wii fit plus. This will do many things. It will change my early morning routine which currently comprises of getting up at 7am making my husbands lunch then going on the computer checking emails, banking, weather, facebook and games. I can’t eat as soon as I get up so I am going to get back in the routine of going on the Wii fit plus and doing some warmups before eating. I was really going to try to incorporate my business routine somehow into this, however little tiny baby steps….

    Thank you ladies for the all of your sharing so far this week. I am so looking forward to Sunday and I am so looking forward to the accountability and further incorporating these skills into my future.

    Thank you Lyn and Kate for giving us the opportunity of taking this course and for being there for us…Have a wonderful weekend…. :o) Cindy

  19. My new habit is daily meditation with a side of positive thoughts. I will meditate after breakfast and before I start my work day. I am forming this habit because I need a calmer mind. I believe that meditation will help with my mood swings and bouts of discouragement. I believe it will provide clarity and greater intuition. If I get discouraged I will try again later in the day, but will absolutely continue the next day.

    1. I love this Beth, especially the statement, “with a side of positive thoughts.” One clarification, how long do you want to meditate each morning? It is helpful to have as goal length for this. And remember, this will not be easy at first, even if you cannot make it to your goal length the first few times, if you can add on each time, you will get there.

      Excellent, calming challenge!

  20. • I commit to 21 days of: walking the track at the rec center for 3 days and stepping for 4 days.
    • I will commit time to my habit each day at: 8:30 am
    • I am forming this habit because: it will get me out of the house 3 days a week and it will change my routine.
    • Here’s how my new habit will impact my life: it will get me away from my computer and playing computer games.
    • If I get discouraged, I will: blog my support group to get some encouragement. I will email Lyn and Kate. I will share with my husband who is home supporter through this.

    1. Dear Cindy – This is great! Very clear. Can’t wait to hear how you feel at the end of the 21 days!

  21. I am commiting to 21 days of loving my husband, Jeff, more than I love myself. Why, because I do love him and I want him to know that. Our marriage will be better and our children will know I love their dad and he is special. This will change my life in so many ways but it will also change my family. I will feel more at peace, my heart will be fuller and we will be happier. I commit to being more affectionate hugging and kissing him, not leaving in the morning without doing that. I am gong to do the love dare and not tell him what I am doing. If I get discouraged because I feel disappointed I will remember that love is a choice not a feeling and I will choose to love him regardless of how I feel.

    1. Hi Tina, thank you for sharing your 21 day challenge! The only piece I ask you to clarify a tiny bit more is the actions you will take daily to being more loving. I like that you listed being more affectionate – that is a concrete daily habit. You may want to think of two other specific things that you can add or rotate between which display the most loving version of you. For example, an impromptu daily contact to your husband by phone or email just letting him know you love him or perhaps each day taking a moment to notice something you are grateful for in your marriage and verbalizing it to your husband.

      It is important when developing a big picture habit like yours that you have some specific tasks to help you get there each day.
      I think your challenge is wonderful!

      1. I think your challenge is so wonderful that I cried when I read your post. Dan and I made a Marriage Encounter a million years ago. One of the things we came away with is that love is a decision…a choice you make every day – even when you don’t feel like it. That is exactly what you are expressing. You have my total support!

    2. Hi Tina – I just wanted to tell you that your 21-day challenge touched my heart. I get the impression that you felt a bit uncomfortable since it is a bit different than, say, exercising every day, so I just wanted to say…you go!! : )

  22. Well I am always last in the class to do my homework!
    Like I had said before I have so many facets of my life that I need to work on! But for now one that I believe will encompass alot of what seems to be at the root of some of my evils.
    I commit to 21 days of using and sticking to my written schedule. Which includes writing things down and getting them out of my already too full head.
    I will commit every evening before bed to review the next days activities.
    I am forming this habit because I need to take control of my life personally and professionally.
    This habit will impact my life in so many ways, 1st and formost it will “control” my chaos! I like to be organized but I rarely am organized. My husband who is uber organized will love to come home and look at the family color coded calendar that I have been working on. (he works out of town for 2 weeks and then home for 2 weeks)
    If I get discouraged or skip a day. I will get right back on the horse and pick it up the next day! I will lean on my blogging sisters for ideas since I know all of their lives are as busy as mine.
    Lets do it girls! We are some strong women!

    1. Dear Celeste, great work! One idea, maybe when you review your next days activities each evening, you can re-write for yourself what you have the next day on a new sheet of paper and map it out with time of day you will start each item. Congratulations, you are on your way to organization!

      1. I love how you’re thinking, Celeste! You can use the Daily Planner that’s in the “Free Stuff” on to do what Kate is suggesting.

  23. Oops! I goofed…somehow missed that I was supposed to blog this…sorry! Kate, after mulling over your advise, I came up with this idea. I commit to 21 days of 1/2 hour of business-building phone calls each day. I will have a target goal of 5 contacts, with 4 as my middle rim and 3 as my outer rim. I will commit time to my habit each day at 7pm. I am forming this habit because I need to be consistently working on building my personal business. Here’s how my new habit will impact my life: It will bring me more shows and recruits which will improve my financial situation, give us money for vacation, date nights, a new “home” and put money aside for when I go away to seminary. Woo Hoo!!!! If I get discouraged, I will: call a lifeline!!!

      1. Thanks Kate and Lyn for this class…I am so excited to see where my business will be in 21 days!!! : )

  24. Good Morning,
    It is Monday and I am starting off the day sticking to my schedule. My morning schedule.
    Many thanks to all of the gals on the phone. So inspirational. Little steps to meet goals that are life changing. Thank you Tina for sharing. I admire your honesty, committment and caring to change for not just yourself – but for someone else also. After I got off the phone. I believe that the changes we make will impact others also. I know in my case, my new habit will give me more time with my family and not make me feel stressed because I am not getting my ‘stuff’ done.
    I am going to embrace my habit.
    Make it a great day.
    Sue B.

    1. Thank you Sue! Wonderful start to your new habit formation. Your words above are so true – these new positive habits do affect more than just us. That reminds me of my favorite quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

  25. It’s day 2 and I’ve completed my meditation for the day. Feeling good. Feeling excited for the day.

    1. Great job Beth! After a few days, I’d love to hear what differences you are noticing in your days now that you start with meditation. Great job committing to this challenge!

  26. Good Morning! Well I have finished my stepping! I had to make an adjustment to my time. It is 8:30 ET now which would be 9:30 CT. I wanted to eat before starting this and I need to be up for about an 1 1/2 hrs before eating….Small adjustment to a bigger end. Anyway it felt great to be back on the Wii Fit I have to say.

    Thank you for last night. It is so interesting how everyone’s habit changes are so different. I am learning so much(you Can learn after 60 :)! ) Have a great day everyone! I am looking forward to the blogs…..

    1. Thanks Cindy! Excellent start. I am looking forward to hearing about your days on the track too! You are an inspiration!

    2. Great start, Cindy! Isn’t it funny how we forget how good something feels until we start again – then the feelings come rushing back! BTW, 8:30 ET is 7:30 CT.

  27. Ok, yesterday was patience, today is kindness. This morning I kissed my husband goodbye, told hims I loved him and made him a cup of coffee and took it to him. This evening I will look for other kind things to do for him. Its funny how you get married and can forget about kindness to your spouse. Me and my husband are not mean to each other but there is alot of sarcasim and taking each other for granted. My husband is a good father and my day job ( Executive Director of a homeless shelter) can be very demanding and I work about 50 hrs a week. I am also in direct sales so sometimes it seems he takes care of our kids more than I do. I sometimes get upset because he doesnt feed them what I think he should or he didnt give them a bath or he let them stay up to late. When the big picture is that he is there for them. I doubt they have to have therapy over not taking a bath or eating to much junk food or staying up late. I did not have a father growing up and neither did Jeff. So what a gift to have a dad who is there. My daughter just turned 4 and her teacher told me that they they talk about feelings alot and whenever they ask Tylee what makes her happy she always says her daddy. My son doesnt want to go to church camp because he says he wants to be home with us and misses us to much. WOW!!! Ok I just feel in love with my husband all over again.

    1. Tina, what beautiful realizations this habit is surfacing for you. Thank you for sharing them with us! I can’t wait to hear about tomorrow! This is a fantastic new habit to have in your family’s life.

    2. Awesome Tina! I cried too… Sometimes that is all it takes is to take a step back and remind ourselves what a good man we have! Life is good! I am proud of you nice work

      1. Tina, thanks for sharing that. I too seem to take my husband for granted, so it’s nice to hear what you are doing and it makes me want to show my husband that I appreciate him too.

  28. Okay, I’m a bit behind! This is what I did yesterday for Day 1.

    I commit to 21 days of: keeping my home organized one room at a time (I will have to pick one room per day and keep the completed rooms organized) Today I started on the office, but it is not 100% complete, too many unforeseen interruptions!

    My compelling WHY for forming this habit is: When my home is neat and tidy I am a happier Mom and wife, and can keep focused on what I need to get done.

    Here’s how I will feel when I have made this habit routine: Awesome and in control!

    I will commit time to this today at: 9:00 – 10:30pm

    If I get discouraged I will: READ THIS BLOG!!

    Day 2 comments to follow!
    I honestly think I signed up for too many clinics this month and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have to try and keep this one inline and set aside other time each day to do the other homework.

    1. Thank you Cathy, this is great! You have your block of time which is great – just make sure that you stick to it and do not go beyond the time frame even if you’re not finished organizing an area. This will allow you to dedicate additional time to the other clinics’ assignments.

      Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    2. I know that overwhelmed feeling, Cathy. To tame it, use the Daily Planner (“Free stuff” on and separate “must do” items from “nice to do” things. It helps!

  29. I just finished day one of my calls! It was kind of an odd start because, just as I was sitting down to start at 7:00, I realized that I had to call a hostess to get her show submitted for the month. It took 1/2 hour. Ugh!! So I got on the phone as fast as I could (I don’t like to call after 8pm). I only spoke to 2 actual voices…but booked them both! In fairness, I was pretty sure they would going into the calls. but a booking is a booking!!

    I had the best vendor event I have EVER been to this past Saturday! I got 3 shows booked for February, 2 for April and 2 for June. Plus, I have 12 more maybes to follow up on…what a great jumping off point for this challenge! I have to remind myself to be continually adding names so that I don’t hit a dead end, but I’m determined!

    Woo hoo!! I’m psyched!!

    1. Wow Jenn, you should be psyched, you are putting in the effort with your new habit and GREAT energy to go along with it, no wonder it’s working! Tremendous start!

  30. Okay, I have to ammend my habit, slightly! To try and get to each area of my house on a daily basis for the purpose of this course is just too much right now. I am going to focus on 3 rooms, my bedroom, office and kitchen as those are the worst areas. I did put too much on my plate this month and have now just added another to it as it is a time sensitive personal goal, but achievable for a great incentive!! Keeping the office organized will definitely help achieve it too!

    So, I kept up with those 3 rooms yesterday, and have to today as I have an Open House and need everything to be in order!

    Lyn – thanks for the suggestion on the planners, I’ve printed them off and will work on those tomorrow. I have today planned out already! :0)

    1. You’re welcome, Cathy. I’m very proud of you adjusting your habit rather than dropping it. Good job!

  31. OK, day 3 is done. Had a bit of trouble focusing my mind. So many things going on! Remember this Remember that! I don’t know why because I write out my daily tasks. I will try again this afternoon.

    1. Some days our energy level is just not up to par. That definitely affects focus! Take a couple of deep yoga breaths (in through the nose…out through the mouth) and try again.

  32. Day two of calls…Was on for my 1/2 hour…spoke to 5 live ladies : ). Calling one back in May for a June party, calling one back in 2 weeks, calling one back Wed if I don’t hear from her by Tuesday, sending one an opportunity packet (she isn’t interested right away, but wanted info), and one politely told me she will call me back if she is interested. All in all, a pretty good night because the 3 booking contacts are very strong.

    I am so glad that I am taking this course because, even though I am very excited about where this is going to take me, I still have to drag myself upstairs to get on that phone! Aye yi yi…will I ever love these calls?? lol!

    1. Thanks Jenn, you may never love the calls, but you will love your business and the freedom it gives you! Excellent job!!

  33. Hello, I am really late for Day 3 I know. So let me tell you first the rest of my Day 2(yesterday). Along with the stepping for 30 minutes I was outside for 50 minutes in frigid temperatures cutting down a huge snowdrift that we have on our deck. This is an ongoing thing all winter as we live on the lake and when we get 40 km winds and 6 inches of snow that equals a 15 ft. drift. I was very sore this morning.
    Today I went to the walking track. This surrounds the ice hockey rink and seating area. So 8 laps = 1 mile. 2 ½ miles = 30 minutes. We did 30 minutes. Now what I am not sure about is the pace of the walk that equals these statistics, however that was quite a distance for me. I have to say I slowed down after 20 minutes but I made it! I am not a walker!
    Tomorrow I have a crown that has to be done so my day will be slightly out of whack. I will do my best! Have a great evening everyone. 🙂 .

      1. Yes! Going to the dentist today to have a crown done on a lower molar. We are trying to avoid a root canal….

  34. Well, had a great day 3! Now that I’ve ammended a bit, I can breathe and get everything in without being too hard on myself. I am making conscious efforts throughout the day to stay on track and it’s working! Life is great!

  35. Day 4. Started out like yesterday with a raging mind but then I did a guided meditation and that went much better. Relaxed and calm.

  36. On day 3 of my love dare I was suppose to get my husband a gift to let him know I was thinking about him. We are snowed in so I did give him something but we wont talk about that. Today I am suppose to call him and ask him if there is anything I can do for him, well we are still snowed in and if I ask him what I can do for him, come on ladies we all know what he is going to say its all men think about. Honestly I dont want to do it. Im doing his laundry can I count that. Or maybe I can skipp today. I really hope all of you are laughing.

  37. Good Morning Ladies,
    Well, my new habit isn’t broken it is just delayed while we prepared yesterday for this big storm.
    Which it is here. So glad I did the shopping yesterday. Only 1/2 hour from here is a State of Emergency because of the ice and winds that cause power outages. Today I scramble to prepare for power outage that complicates our household because we have well water.
    So I am finally in my office and the best of luck would be to not have a power outage so I can work the rest of the day. Kids (teenagers) are home and busy. For those of you that have little ones at home, try to stick to your habit. When my children were toddlers, it was very difficult to work at home and stick to a schedule. But once I schedule ‘their’ time, ‘my’ time was easier. I scheduled when they eat of course, but also scheduled t.v. time, play time alone, and play time with me, and quite time. It so helps in the long run too. So as I reflect on why I am not as scheduled as before, I guess it is because I “had” to be back then and now I can slack. Well, no more slacking. I have to schedule my slack/play time to be productive.
    Happy Habits!
    Sue B.

    1. Hi Sue,
      thanks for the advice on scheduling the play time alone and play time with me!! That’s a great idea and one I hadn’t thought of. I just try to get in 10 minutes here and there! I’m going to work on that this weekend!

  38. 7 actual conversations…only one “no thanks”. No firm bookings, but 6 contacts for the future and everyone was so nice, and glad to hear from me! That is the worst part, I think. Thinking people won’t want you to call. It is a lesson I am still learning!

    1. Hi Jenn,
      I absolutely hate calling, will procrastinate over that forever. However, 3 days ago my company changed the requirements for an incentive trip. My qualification period ends at the end of February, and I was $10,000 down from achieving this. I had 4 parties booked and really wasn’t sure how they were all going to go, so had to think of a way to get my $10,000! I got on the phone. I didn’t even think twice about it as I want / need to achieve this goal – kind of a “see I can do this” to my husband, and myself! And as I was calling everyone and their dog asking if they’d like to host a party or if they were able to get all that they wanted at their last party, and would they like to see a catalog, or place an order etc. I thought to myself “why does it take something like this reward to do this?!!” I should be able to make these calls all the time, without worrying about achieving an incentive. My incentive should be the business building, the commission I’m making etc.! I wasn’t worried about if they were going to answer the phone, what was I going to say, and I was actually disappointed when I got voice mail! I have booked one more party, and by fluke I had an Open House booked for yesterday anyway, and have now knocked the $10,000 down to $7500, and I still haven’t had a “party”!

      So look at it like that, you are building your business. If you don’t have an incentive by your company to work towards, make one for yourself! Say, “with 20% of my commission that I’m going to make off doing these calls, I’m going to have a day at the spa, or go on a shopping spree, or whatever”! Gives you a bit more nerve to pick up the phone! Good luck!

      1. Thanks, Cathy!! It is so true, isn’t it? I think these sheets we are filling out are great for just that reminder. I find that I am adding slightly different comments as we go along. It will be interesting to see what they say as a whole when we are done!

  39. Sorry I’ve been MIA on this site. I’m not good at blogging.

    I’m really thankful to be a part of this group. It is keeping me accountable and helping me stay on track and work my business better with my new habit.

    All for now.

    1. Dear Chrisie, so happy to hear you’re on track! Blogging can take some getting used to. Check in as often as you like, we are all in this together! Congratulations on a great start!

  40. Well, it was SO TEMPTING to not do my habit today! I was up for 3 hours with a sick / scared kid in the night and was so tired this morning that I thought, screw it! But I didn’t, because that was the “old” me, you know, the one from last week! :0) All was done and now I’m off to bed!

    1. I am so happy for you! What a great commitment you are making to yourself! You are a rock-star!

  41. Hello Ladies,
    I am checking in to begin my habit off right this morning. Kids off to school, yahoo! I can actually stick to my habit this morning. I love hearing all of your success, especially the phone calling Jenn. I am going to try to do double time at the gym to makeup for lost days. Because on the lost gym days I did do office double time. So, this is my ‘me time’ reward. I am starting my day earlier to stay on schedule with all other morning tasks that I fit into my new habit ~ a morning scheduled routine.

    1. Wonderful job Sue! It is important to figure out how to make up for lost “habit time” and you did it!

  42. I was just thinking how great it felt to sit and watch my 2 favorite programs last night (The Middle and Modern Family…if you need some positive endorphins, check them out!) AFTER I had made my phone calls. It was like a guilt-free treat! No nagging “I should be making phone calls…” Woo Hoo!!

  43. Day 5. Went ok today. Didn’t sleep well last night so am dragging today. Glad that I got the meditation out of the way this morning otherwise I don’t think I’d be very motivated.

  44. Hi Lyn and Kate, I have totally screwed up on my 21 day habit as I haven’t even got out of bed period let alone early in the morning, this cold got me big, and I think I am now recovering so…..I would like to start on Monday Feb. 7th, just to make sure this evil bug is gone, is that OK with you? I know we need to work on one habit, but I also HAVE to commit to 5 calls a day as well. Talk to you Sunday!!

    1. Hi Vicki, you are experiencing a very real road block that we all have in life, something throwing you off of your routine and in this case the creation of that new routine. So getting back up and doing it is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is a challenge to commit to our new habits each day and even a bigger challenge to re-commit when we are thrown off. We know you can do it!

  45. Good evening ladies! I know I didn’t check in yesterday. By the time I got home from the dentist (it is an all day trip) I was done. Today I stepped for 20 minutes and moved snow for about 1 ½ hours. I am hoping the moving of the snow offsets the other 10 minutes.
    This is one of those days where I feel like I was spinning my wheels all day. The one thing that did happen though is I got a walking partner for tomorrow morning’s track walk.
    All of you seem like you are on track. “See” you tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Cindy, Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy adding a partner to your new routine. That can be extra motivating! Just remember that if they fall off, you don’t have to go off with them.

  46. Tonight was a bit tougher. I am at the end of the contacts I had from last weekend’s great vendor event. The problem I am facing right now is that we moved last fall and at the time I called a lot of people who I had had parties with in our new area. The problem is, I didn’t do a good job of tracking the “no’s”. I don’t want to call again if they already told me no. Any ideas?? (I did get one person tell me to call in April, so it wasn’t a total loss.)

    1. Hi Jenn, it sounds like everyone you’ve talked to over the challenge has been happy to hear from you whether or not they booked. You have a great energy on the phone as we can all attest to from our last two calls.
      I would call all of those names again, tracked or not, and share what you have to offer. What is the worst thing that can happen? A second no – oh well, with your warmth you can pull it off! And the best part is that some of the previous nos may be ready for you now.
      Try it and let us know how it goes.

  47. Hello Ladies,
    what a very busy week. I am dragging and have such a big day with meeting times starting at 9:30. Didn’t go to gym today. I am liking Beth’s note that she put meditation as a priority. Beth, how many minutes of meditaion make it fruitful? Well, I’m off! Have a great weekend.
    Smiles, Sue

  48. Okay so I dont remember last time I blogged. But I have done pretty good with the love dare. There were a few days I could have done better but I am not going to focus on that. Today I asked my husband to tell me 3 things that I do that fustrate or irritate him that he wishes I would not do. His first was that I sometimes call him at 4pm and tell him he has to get the kids and then he has to put off his customers. The second was he said sometimes especially just when I have gotten off work my tone when I talk to him or the kids is mean. Third I expect everyone to be in a good mood when I am in a good. None of this upset me and they are all things I can change. The best part is I want to change them. I also want to thank the ladies who are working on their business, the dreaded calls, 5 contacts a day. This last week I have made more contacts than ever. I cant say my month is totally booked now but I have put out alot more effort in building my business. So thanks for your inspiration. Hopefully me and my husband will be going to Puerto Rico next yr.

  49. So now my husband is pointing out everything out that I do that annoys him. Im like are you kidding me.

  50. Day 6. Realizing that there is a reason that they call meditation a “practice”. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get more than a few moments of being “in the zone”. It will be worth it. I re-read a bit of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Pray section in “Eat, Pray, Love” last night. Good to know that these frustrations are normal.

  51. Day 6 – Internet connection issues. Finaly here though! Had a great walk today. 2.27 miles on the pedometer in 30 minutes. Because I am not a walker, I didn’t know what some of the pain issues were called. So I found out today about “shin splints” and they are prevelant in women who have decreased physical fitness or small muscle size. Anyway it does get better, but I have had this since Monday. I am really enjoying getting out and doing this and particularly the different women I am walking with.

    I Am struggling with organizing the rest of my time though. I feel really out of whack and jump from one thing to another and dont seem to get anything accomplished. Oh well a work in progress I guess….

  52. I really appreciate your input and being there in my struggle to grow this business, I don’t know why I am putting calls off (my excuse is my lack of voice which is almost not valid anymore). I know what I have to do, and I envision it not so bad because I think I FINALLY got FAYC. Now I have to test that out. Just praying for a real voice. A long time ago when I had a children’s wear store and was busy, a Mary Kay lady (very classy) asked me if I wanted to join. I said not now, but I did have a friend who had just moved to a small town, no jobs in her field, no friends, so I arranged an meeting for them…my friend in this small town ended up driving a pink cadillac, increased her self esteem a thousand percent, and made a ton of friends (as well as money). I would love to use that as an example of “who do you know” but it sounds very long and wordy, what do you think”? XO Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki, We missed you last night! Please listen to the recording – I added some comments for you! This is a great story about the Mary Kay lady – a lesson not to prejudge and ALWAYS ask for referrals. I want you to think about WHY the phone DOESN’T feel like your friend. If you can identify the REAL reason, you can adopt the habit quite easily. Dig a little, Vicki. The answer might be something that you have hidden from yourself. Once you understand it, you’ll be able to treat those people at the other end of the line as old and new friends. Hugs, Lyn

  53. Well, I took off yesterday instead of today, and honestly it wasn’t worth it. I did have some great cuddle time with my kids, but felt a bit grumpy today as things were out of place. Oh well, at least I know that for me it’s really not an option to take a day off because if I do, then it’s too easy for me to let it go completely.

    1. Hi Cathy, yes – that’s very important to know and it is also extremely important to know how to get back to it after a day or longer off. We look forward to hearing how your return feels!

  54. It is Day 8 and the beginning of a new week. Today I stepped for 20 minutes and then for the other 10 minutes did some aerobic exercises. I am looking forward to checking in with everyone tongiht….

  55. Hello Everyone,
    I missed the call last night. I am sure it was wonderful. This week is a challenge. Not the ‘newly formed morning schedule” (my habit) I have been successful with. But my schedule is centered around work because of committments. To add more of a challenge, my son and myself are sick. So, I truely believe that I can stick to a schedule this week – don’t have a choice – and next week I will be back into the saddle of my new habit again. I already miss the gym and look forward to next week at the gym.
    I look forward to reading the blog.

    1. Dear Sue, we hope you are feeling better and back on your challenge! Check in, we love hearing from you!

  56. Hi Lyn and Kate, yes I did miss the call last night, I usually cook dinner on Sundays for my kids and grandbabies, and this was my daughter’s birthday, so I had to prioritize. (it’s 6:00 here) I will listen to the replay today. I met my soulmate on the weekend…in a movie…Secretariat, the wonder horse..slow starter, wins big at the end. So Here I Go…the phone IS my friend. Hugs back. Vicki

  57. Good afternoon ladies.
    Today was my walking day at the track and we went for 38 minutes!! So that would probably mean close to 3 miles and no “shin splints”. I am a happy doobey. I am also getting closer to scheduling my day. You may all think I am crazy, however I am actually recording, verbatim, step by step things that I do and should be doing when I get up in the morning. It seems to have taken awhile to get to this place but that is what is going on with me. The other thing that I am doing that I declared last night is rejuvenating my business. My chest hurts… Cindy

  58. Hi Mentors, sometimes other people do your business for you…I was in a restaurant having a bite before our multi-team meeting, Katie the waitress came over and said everytime she came to see me she noticed my jewellery…..NEVER heard of Silpada. So she has a catalogue and my Open Dates for February, and this was a blessed day..and I KNOW I have to times that by 5 every day, and so I will. If I feel this good one One, imagine 5/day…or more. XOO Vicki OH, P.S For the first time in my life I woke up, had coffee with Peter, read a book (Lyn’s) for 20 minutes, exercised for 15 minutes, and sent a friend a “hi haven’t seen you for awhile, miss you” card. Not for business, just for connection. I rocked today!

  59. I learned an important lesson yesterday. It was my husband’s birthday so I hesitated when I was filling out the time question on the sheet (I usually make my calls from 7-7:30). I decided to stick with the normal time because I want to be consistent, and I knew he’d support that decision. However, dinner ended up being a little late, then we were having fun and before I knew it it was 8:00.

    Here’s what I’m thinking for the future, and would appreciate input! : ) When I plan my day, I will do my best to stick to the 7pm slot. However, if I have doubts, I am going to pick a time that I KNOW I can do. That way, if I can do 7pm, I get in twice the calls for that day and, if not, I haven’t lost a day.

    This is going to be particularly handy because my best friend (who lives in Florida) is flying me down for some sunshine and R&R tomorrow before my next surgery (I am going through breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy). It would be very easy to fall off the band wagon completely down there, so I am going to tell her before I even get there what my plans are. We will probably have plans some of the nights I’m there, so flexibility will be key.

    XO’s to you all!


    1. This is a HUGE realization, Jenn! Good for you!! It is good to have friends who take care of you, and your friend in Florida will certainly support you in your goal. Hugs, Lyn

    2. Hi Jenn: Great idea and I think I should do this since every time a plan on making calls everything else in life feels like it has to happen instead. So I will schedule two times a day to make calls and if the first does not work out, make myself commit to the second time. At least I can give it a try. I hope your trip for R&R is wonderful. I hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery, my prayers are with you. Steph

  60. Hello for Day 10!
    Today was Wii Fit day and I don’t know how many of you are familiar it however there is a “free step” and for 20 minutes you should do 1800 steps at the slowest pace rate. I like it a little faster so that is what I always choose and today I did 2008 steps. The other thing you can do is watch TV while you step so that is a neat feature. My husband showed me how to do that on the weekend (they give you all the instructions while you are stepping and I can’t figure out the instructions and step at the same time so I had to have his help).
    Tina I miss your blogs, your habit challenge is so unique and in my opinion “soul baring”. I have been learning a lot from you as I have from everyone. Have a good day :)…….Today is my bridge day and I luuv bridge :)..Cindy

    1. Wow Cindy! You are doing an amazing job! You have me interested in getting a Wii Fit. Thanks for the inspiration!

  61. Hi girls! Well I got off track Mon. & Tues. Went back to work and things got alittle crazy. I did notice last night when I got home with the kids and groceries and my husband never moved from the couch to help me THE LIST came flooding into my head ( you know the list of everything that is wrong with your mate when you are mad at them) so I ignored my husband. So this morning I am back on track. I prayed was in the word and read my love dare. I made a list of all my husbands positive traits and all his negative. The positive list was longer and the negative are really small things nothing I cant deal with. I did listen to the replay of Sunday. I was trying to blog Monday and I hit a button and erased everything and was to tired so I just went to bed. We will be snowed in for today so I will have all kinds of opportunities to practice patience, kindness, tolerance and love towards my husband today. I have also signed us up for a Marriage Class ( cant remember what it is called) through our church for Feb. 18 & 19. Also going to sponors house Sat for some much needed training since I also working on restarting my business. The next thing I need to work on is time management. I am Exec. Director of a homeless shelter, a 4 yr old in dance, a 9 yr old in basketball, take meetings to a treatment center and I have this great business. I feel like I just Half- a– do everything. Sorry about the language just cant think of another word. Anyway first things first and my husband and family are first.

    1. Dear Tina, it is so good to hear from you! We think you are incredible. It sounds like you can do “half-a-do” better than most.
      We are glad you are back on track. It sounds like your challenge is bringing great things your way.

    2. Oh Tina, we’re so glad you’re back! Your half-a-do is ENOUGH FOR NOW! You will improve in all areas as you get more balance in your life and more support from your husband/family. I’m so happy that you are taking a marriage weekend. Dan (my husband) and I made a Marriage Encounter 35 years ago and it made all the difference in the world to our marriage. We’ll be excited to hear how it is for you! Hugs, Lyn

  62. For my celebration, I am going to dine at my favorite restaurant with my husband which we only visit a few times a year! It will be great to have a date night, eat great food and celebrate success!

  63. Hello,
    Best laid plans can be changed. That is why they are best laid plans. Well, the excersize is last this week in my morning schedule (which is my habit).
    I was asked by a dear friend to join Weight Watchers with her, something I really, really should do… But I am working on my weekly habit and this just does not fit – at least not at this time. I am proud that I ‘said no’ to something I would love to do in the morning on a weekly basis. But if I did this, my habit would be shot. The power of ‘no’.

  64. Good evening.

    Today was a “walking at the track” day. My friend and I walked for 40 minutes, and I have decided I need a pedometer so I will know how far I have gone. Interestingly enough it is my husbands birthday on the 19th so we will be celebrating his birthday at our favourite restaurant with the friends we are going to Palm Springs with in April. I will include that as my reward for reaching my habit change. I do like the burning ceremony though…. I am a little sad though because I havent last any weight and I have not been snacking anymore or anything… 🙁

    1. Cindy, you are doing an amazing job! My mom and I always marvel at how unpredictable weight loss can be when you are doing all the right things, but suddenly it sneaks up on you. By the end of this 21 days, I bet you will get that added benefit.

  65. Well today it all about greetings. My husband is not up yet but when he wakes up I will greet him with a smile, a kiss, a cup of coffee and sit with him and tell him I love him. I am finding it hard to think of a way to celebrate. We go to our marriage class on the 18th & 19th so maybe I will come up with something there. My husband is a homebody and I am not so thinking of somethng for us to do together is hard sometimes.

    1. Hello Tina, Do you play board games? Or did you when you were young? That is a good thing to do together. Cribbage is a great game and it is also a good game for kids because of the math combinations. I know some couples who keep a running score going.

      You could do a “movie and a dinner” at home and order in if you want. If you subscirbe to “Netflix” it is an inexpensive way to get movies and you don’t have to go out.

      Candles in the bedroom add a little interest as well if you haven’t thought of that. ;).

      Hope you don’t mind those suggestions… Cindy

      1. Great suggestions, Cindy! I often think it’s not so much about the “what” as it is about the effort. Your husband knows that you are making the effort, Tina, and I’m sure he loves you for it! Hugs, Lyn

  66. Good morning. I missed yesterday because of appointments in the city, and could still only dedicate the 30 minutes today so I did the advance step to warm up and then the free step but stepped faster than the instructor so did–2075 steps today! Yahyyyy. I was pretty sweaty so decided to the basic step to cool down and that worked really well. Before when I was using the Wii I wasnt recording anything on paper (the Wii tells you after how well you did and if you broke a previous record however that is after the fact). So from now on I will be recording on paper!
    I am away over the weekend helping my daughter strip her backsplash in her kitchen and putting up a new one. More good news! I just got a phone call and my new crown is in so I am going to be able to have it done tomorrow and save a trip into the city on Wednesday. So now I can go to the walking track instead!! Another yahy… 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    1. You are doing a great job! I laughed when I pictured you wearing your crown (the queen kind) and then figured out what you meant! Thanks for the chuckle! Hugs, Lyn

  67. Well, it’s been too long without blogging! Things are going fine, a little disorganized, but not terrible! It’ been quite a busy week with kids and Dr’s appts and such, but I’ve managed to keep things on track. I have a really busy weekend, and am still trying to achieve my other sales goal, but am not overwhelmed, which is nice. I must confess though that my husband did help out with the house cleaning the other day. Shocked the hell out of me! (sorry for the language!) I guess he’s really beginning to realize that I have a lot to do in a day, so he’d better start helping out a bit more when he’s home! :0) It was nice and I did tell him that I really appreciated it. Maybe he’ll keep it up!

    Anyway, must get ready for “work” (did I mention that I LOVE MY JOB!!), I’ll check in again on Sunday night!

    1. Funny how the people in our life respond to the changes in us! And appreciation keeps them going – just like it keeps us going. We appreciate you, Cathy! Hugs, Lyn

  68. Hi Everyone! Confession time. I had the worst week for trying to be successful with my new habit – being 15 minutes early for everything including scheduling my days realistically. I was so tired and I think more so because of my monthly friend was worst than most months. So I did a terrible job at getting up early and not even on time. Late for just about everything so definitely not 15 minutes early. Lack of discipline to make sure I filled out my sheet and scheduling my days led me to this point. So I am getting back on the wagon right now and scheduling the rest of my day, filling out my sheet, and writing this blog. I will say that this is normal for me where I want to do or improve things, get excited, but do not follow through so I need to change this.
    It is nice to see some of you are sticking to your new habit and writing blogs – great job!

    1. Thank you for blogging this, Stephanie! You have been through the worst point in habit formation and haven’t given up. Kudos to you! You will find yourself having renewed vigor this week and begin to see the change in yourself become permanent! Hugs, Lyn

  69. Hi Kate and Lyn….listen lovely ladies, after I missed last Sunday’s call I was diagnosed with bronchitis and a nasal infection and was on medication and in bed (again!) I haven’t kept up at all, so no congratulations are in order. However, I still want to pay and can you tell me where again AND please please have another one of these soon as I am furiious I couldln’t get into it with both feet.

    1. I’m glad you know what’s wrong and have medication to make you better! Please just call our assistant, Julie, to finish up the “details.” Her number is 269-465-3934. You are still learning from the course, even though you don’t feel like it at the moment. It will be much easier next time!

  70. Happy Valentines day everyone! I have to say when we were snowed in it was much easier to do this challenge. What I have been experiencing doing this challenge is that it is much harder for me to be upset or irritaed with my husband. It also seems like he is changing to. I came home from church yesterday and he was so upset with the kids because they dont pickup after themselves. usually i would say something like welcome to my world but instead I kept my sarcastic commits to myself and smiled. Today is going to be crazy already have alot on my plate already have a lunch apointment and because of the snow my son evan will be having 2 ballgames a week so we have a ballgame tonight. I am suppose to do something that tells my husband I cherish him. Have to share this from 2 days ago. The truth is love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love. Good stuff! I am always open to ideas on how to show my husband how much I love him. I use to think he should just know and that all men knew because we cooked and cleaned for them. My husbands love language is affection and touch and we get so busy. It just seems hard for me to come up with things sometimes. I have also found it amazing how this has spilled over into my business. I have booked shows, started meeting with my team and working hard on consistency. I may even make Senior Rep this month. My husband has been so great in supporting by business. He still doesnt understand why I dont just sell everything and get the money. Anyway thanks to all of you for your support and inspiration. By the way Lynn I learned some things about you I didnt know this weekend at a meeting I went to. Cant wait to see you at our conference and meet you face to face again. Yes we have met.

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! You are on such an amazing journey and your realizations are beautiful! Hmmmm, what did you learn about me? I’m excited to hear!

    2. Tina: I love what you said “The truth is love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love. Good stuff!” Very true but we forget. I hope you make Star Leader. My husband and neighbors say the same thing – why not sell it all. Blah,blah,blah to them. I think I will do your habit challenge soon. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  71. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I was late getting up this morning and late for school 🙁 But I printed out Day 16, filled it in, and wrote out my schedule for today – too tired and skipped last night. I had set my alarm to get up early to get things done and write out schedule but hit snooze a zillion times instead. This is hard and will need to do for an additional 21 days to make it a permanent habit. My next habit is to make those calls every day – need to start this now so hoping that I will do this better than being 15 minutes early or at least on time for everything. I need to form this habit because I am always frustrated and anxious when running late and it is very unprofessional. I know if I form this habit I will feel calm and in control, therefore, happier. Lynn and Kate, I think you should offer this again right after this one ends because I need this push and paying for it helps.

    1. Dear Stephanie, Thank you so much for your openness. This is something I struggle with too so I can feel the frustration you are describing. This habit may take longer than 21 days for you to develop, and as long you are making improvement on a weekly basis you are headed in the right direction. For example, instead of being late every day in a week, have you added one or two days when you are early? Can you maintain and grow from there?

      You may also want to take a moment on the days that you are late or struggled to get up to think about, after the fact, what was it that took precedence over making the effort to live your new routine, was it worth it? Some days, it may be. Breaking it down for yourself will help.

      Thank you for being a part of our Fresh Start group! You are doing great.

  72. Day 16. Kept up throughout last week. Feeling good. Definitely calmer and less anxious. Had a small vendor event on Saturday and was more comfortable talking to people about the benefits of the product I sell, etc. Not an extrovert yet, but I have definitely noticed that my anxiety about talking to people about the biz/product is much less. Woohoo!

    1. Wow Beth! You are amazing. Great job sticking with your habit formation. It sounds like the benefits are so worth it!

  73. Hi everyone! Please check out comments and responses below. Some of the supportive messages to your posts just published today but were submitted a few days back. Thank you all for routing each other on! You are an amazing group of individuals!

  74. Hello everyone. Well I walked 40 minutes on Monday and also moved and shoveled more snow twice that day. Yesterday I was hosting our bridge club and did not do any stepping or walking. My husband is away on business from yesterday until tomorrow and I am always at loose ends when he is away. I could have done some stepping yesterday however I guess I have fallen off the wagon as I havent done anything yesterday or today… I am not feeling good about this. 🙁

    1. Hi Cindy, so the great part here is that you are noticing sticking to your habit is harder when your husband is not around. Why that is helpful is it allows you to prep for those times when you know he will be away. How can you give yourself an extra incentive to complete your habit or what can you do to ensure you make time for it? Sometimes I put a big note on the door or even my dashboard when I am really struggling. Every setback is an opportunity to see how we operate and make adjustments.

    2. I bet you are more bummed because now you are craving that exercise when you miss it especially when more than a day. Jump right back on even if only 10 minutes. I fell off the wagon for my new habit more like two weeks and just getting back on two days ago. You inspire me so jump in with both feet.

  75. I have been rockin the last two days. I have gotten up early, had breakfast and coffee and time with my daughter including helping her get ready. Yesterday she told me that she likes it when I get up early. This was when I ate breakfast, had a cup of coffee while I re-read the chapter for discussion with my class today (teacher needs to do more homework than students you know) and Brittney sat and cuddled with me. And today I was up early to make my monthly birthday cake for my students. It felt good getting more done and making it to work on time, though not 15 minutes early yet since my daughter has gotten out of bed and wants to spend time in the morning with me. This is ok as long as I am on time. I almost even was able to make those calls until my upline was on the phone with me (always long conversations). Today I Will make those calls though and I will start working out and get that in my routine while on our school break next week. Talk with everyone Sunday 🙂

  76. Hello everyone! Looking forward to checking in with everyone tomorrow night! I broke a record on Thursday! Walked for 50 minutes at the track. Was I tired at the end of that! I really was trying for an hour but couldnt go any farther. We had a big blizzard Thurs afternoon to Friday so was out again yesterday moving snow. We were out for 1 1/2 hours so decided that was my walking and stepping for the day. Today I stepped and am going out to move more snow then out for dinner tonight to celebrate my husbands birthday and my habit formation! Talk to you all tomorrow…I wish this was going on for another 4 weeks so we can just keep going with the next thing all together….

    1. We think you are incredible Cindy!!! Phenomenal job of creating your habit! What will we all do without the added exercise benefit of shoveling this winter? Can’t wait to hear more on Sunday!

  77. Just an addedum. I wondered if we wanted to keep in touch with each other on facebook, then if anyone was doing a habit change down the road we could support each other. My facebook will show up Cindy Clarkson (Wishart)….

  78. Hi Everyone – I’m so sorry I have been out of the loop. The afternoon that I landed in Florida, I called home and there was a crisis at home that is still ongoing. My husband, son and I are in counseling for it, but it’s gonna be a while. I’m bummed because I was on such a roll. The good news is that I have made my calls a few times, and when I haven’t, I’ve been very conscious of it. Does that mean that it is becoming a habit? I’m having some more surgery on Wednesday, am hoping to have March totally booked by then. The good news – I have 3 already! The bad news – they are rescheduled from February. Every last booking that I had before my surgery rescheduled! aaaghhh! I’m trying to stay upbeat. I still feel that the ball is rolling…just not as quickly as I’d hoped! lol! Talk to you all tomorrow!


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