Check in with Fresh Start 2

Welcome to your Fresh Start!  Please check in with our group below.  Share your experiences, successes and concerns, and let us know how your four week challenge is progressing.

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  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to focus on. I feel like I do a very good job of utilizing my free time with the physical activities that I love (surfing & skateboarding). But when there are no waves and I am too beat up to skateboard, I find that I am really lacking motivation and stimulation. I was a fine arts major in college and would like to finally nurture and expand on my talent as an artist in my free time. I am thinking that I would like to draw or paint something every day for 21 days.

    1. Thanks Steve! I think you are definitely right on track with your habit formation. What I want you to think about is when you will do this each day, how long and even where you will create your art?

      I am interested to know how this will positively impact your life. What do you see happening for you once this becomes a habit?

  2. Good morning everyone! So this is the week we decide on where we will focus our next three weeks and hopefully our lives. Remember, we are adding a habit that will help balance our lives, we want to add something that has legs beyond the next three weeks.

    I am thinking of creating a positive mantra that I say to myself each morning to remind me to be grateful and get my day focused on the calm rather than the frenzy. I am having my first baby soon and think we can both benefit a lot from me learning the calm appreciation, I have the hard working fast pace down already… 🙂 I welcome any feedback.

  3. Hi everyone,
    I have so many areas that are out of whack it is hard to know where to start. I am thinking about exercise. I would love to have more energy and get back to a healthy routine…

    1. Hi Michele! Exercise is a great challenge and new habit to add to your life. When and what specifically are you thinking of doing each day? Remember to make it realistic so you can continue on afterward, but also enough of a challenge because you have us to keep you accountable!

  4. Hello!
    I am excited to be joining the group. I think the habit I want and need to form is a commitment to a steady and on-going exercise program. Last weekend I “bit the bullet” and made the commitment to rejoin a local health club. I would like to make certain I actually use the membership by getting there at least 3 or 4 times a week, and then on the alternate days doing some kind of exercise (walking, wii fit – something!) at home. My goal is to feel better health-wise, have more energy, stamina, etc.) and lose weight in the process!

    1. Dear Julie, we are so happy to have you as part of the group! I am happy to hear that you are looking at a habit you can do every day that will make a great impact on your life. So let’s start to define it more clearly. When each day will you dedicate time to this habit? How long will you dedicate at minimum? Which days do you want to target to go specifically to the health club? getting specific will help set you up for success. We’re excited to be part of your transformation!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    I too am excited ……….. and a little scared to be a part of this group. I do look forward to bringing more balance to my life as well as being able to continue with a new habit every month until I am completely balanced!!
    I haven’t narrowed down my one habit to start with but, I know it will relate to either Business/Career, Personal Growth or Physical Environment.

    1. Thank you Karen! We are thrilled to have you! So you have narrowed a little which is good, your next step is to decide which of those categories will make the biggest impact on your life now. Also, which will allow you to practice habit formation with something that you feel you will be a healthy challenge for the next 21 days.
      I say this because part of why we offer this course is to show you how to go about forming a habit so you can then apply it to all areas of your life.

      We look forward to hearing more!!!

  6. Hi Everyone,
    Yes, this is very exciting, and a little bit scary, too. I’ve known for quite some time what habits I need to develop. Though I am very committed to my business, I am not as committed to the daily ‘do.’ There are two things I desperately need to do: one is to consistently make phone calls every day (my goal is 5!); and the second is to set business hours. Because I work from home I have a lot of flexibility and I allow myself to come and go as I please rather than focus on my work activity during set hours. I know that tackling one or both of these problems will bring significant balance to my life because I won’t be thinking about my work all the time and what I ‘should’ be doing. Whether my efforts are productive or not, I’ll feel a lot better about myself because I did the activity!
    Julie and Michele, if I may say, go for the exercise! I’m going on two years steady now and there are sooo many benefits! The payoff is huge and all your energy will spread into every other area of your life!
    Good luck to everyone!

    1. Thank you Lisa! This is fabulous, we can see your habit coming together. Creating specific business hours, sticking to them and making your five contacts a day fit very well together. How would you like those business hours to look each day? What hours specifically and is “where” something you want to outline too? Who do you need to get on board to make this successful?

      We are thrilled to have you in our group!

  7. Good morning! So I have decided to focus on exercise! Thank you Lisa for the push. To prepare I will need a new set of sneakers, I cannot tell you how old the ones I have now are. I am thinking of starting my day a half hour early and walking briskly (work up to running) in my neighborhood for 30 minutes each day.

  8. Hi!
    Here is what I have discovered. The health club I joined also includes classes as part of the membership, and I plan to take advantage of their water aerobics class twice a week (I attended this class on Tuesday of this week and am still recovering, so KNOW I need it!). So that is 2 of my proposed 3 or 4 days a week. I would also like to take advantage of their yoga class on Wednesday morning. I did not attend yesterday, but will plan to be there next week. Then, I haven’t decided which additional day I will plan to be at the “club” to use their exercise equipment but am thinking Monday (and possibly Friday as well) would be a great choice to start the week on a positive note. On my “off” days, I plan to either take walks, or exercise using the aerobic portion of the wii fit installed on our tv. I’m thinking those would be good choices for Friday through Sunday when health clubs are generally busier with more people there. My walks/aerobics would be 30 minutes – minimum. The classes are 45 min. to an hour in length. I think this schedule will fit nicely into my life as a life-long habit. I’m excited that I’ve already begun!

    1. Hi Julie, fantastic job! This is a very clear plan. What I would do now is write a one week example for yourself so you can have that as a constant reminder and put it somewhere very visible to you, maybe on your fridge or bathroom mirror… You can download a weekly planner on the Fresh Perspective website under “free stuff” if you do not have one you like already. I am very excited about your new habit!!!

      1. Done! Posted in BOTH places – PLUS added a post-it to my computer monitor to remind me to get up off my A$@ and go exercise! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I am excited to get started now that I have finally figured out what it is I need to do. Lisa, I think you and I could be two peas in a pod!! I too am very committed to my business, but NEED to make contacts on a more consistent basis. The little voice inside of me kept telling me that this was the activity I needed to focus on making a habit of, but I didn’t really want to listen. I have tried this in the past …………. without success. I am hopeful that I may learn some new tools to help keep me on track. I am going to get started right away by making a list of contacts for the first week!

  10. I commit to 21 days of:

    Hello everyone,
    Here are my answers to the questions posed in Friday’s communication from Kate:
    I will commit time to my habit each day at: The times will vary depending upon whether I am attending a class (at the health club) or exercising on my own.
    I am forming this habit because: I want to have more energy and stamina and generally feel physically better by adding consistent exercise to my day-to-day life
    Here’s how my new habit will impact my life: A side benefit of day-to-day exercise will (hopefully!) be to lose weight! I’m planning (and saving for) a new wardrobe.
    If I get discouraged, I will: Think positive thoughts and give myself a “do over” and start again.

  11. Hi Everyone – I am finally checking in. I actually selected my “habit” before I even started the course but it is a big one so I have been working on it all week and I am making great strides. I am concentrating on creating a work schedule for my business (and I am throwing a little bit of exercise in there too!). I work from my house so I have been struggling to keep myself focused on things that will move my business ahead (like making those 5 contacts per day!). Thank you Kate and Lyn for providing me with questions that really got me thinking of what I needed to add and take out of my day. I have attempted to implement a schedule this year already but I was not successful…. but I feel like I have a better handle on it this time (and a little bit of accountability helps too). Good Luck everyone…it will be fun to check in and see how everyone is doing!

    1. This is excellent Tracy! You have done a wonderful job of taking time to prepare for this challenge to make it something that will have a very positive impact on your life! Be cautious not to take on too much by adding the exercise too as a daily focus.

  12. I’m still excited about my new habit. I guess when and for how long will depend on a few things. Surfing and work will probably come first in my day, and if a project takes hold and I’m excited about it, I could be doing it for hours at a time.
    I’m just not sure what type of art to do. While I love to draw and paint I also have some fun ideas for t shirt logos that I’ve been kicking around. This may give me a chance to buckle down and develop these ideas or it may just give me a chance to develop my skill as a fine artist and to build a body of work. So I guess I’m not sure what road to take and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to do them both.

    1. Hi Steve, This sounds like it will definitely fulfill you. One thing that is essential to forming a new habit is clearly defining your time or options of times that you will focus on it (i.e either 8am or 6pm) and to decide a minimum time commitment (i.e. 20 minutes). This way if you miss one time, you know you have the other and that you will get it done that day. Making a minimum time also makes the commitment feel less overwhelming. Some days you may only feel like dedicating 20 minutes while others you may get carried away for over an hour.

  13. Hi Everyone – I am providing my responses to the following statements ….
    1. I commit to 21 days of implementing a schedule for my business.
    2. I will commit time to my habit each day at….this varies a bit from day to day but I do have it all written down on my weekly and monthly planner.
    3. I am forming this habit because I want to feel more effective in my business…both financially and productively.
    4. Here’s how my new habit will impact my life….it will help me structure my day so I will get tasks completed, move my business slowly ahead day by day, and in turn help generate a better income. It will most likely make me feel better about myself at the end of each day too.
    5. If I get discouraged, I will try to put the past day behind me and start the next day with a new attitude…and also reach for support on the blog. I am sure you all will help!!

    Good luck!!

  14. Hi it’s Vicki Coutts, and I committ to tallking to five people a day about my business, in person or a real voice on the phone. i will be home Wednesday, and will listen to the march 6th call and commence on my journey. more details then as i am in mexico and running out of computer time. Good luck to all!!!

  15. Ok! I commit to 21 days of consistent activity in my business. (Originally I meant that to mean 5 phone calls (connects), but I like Vicki’s version of 5 calls and/or live people per day.) I don’t usually work on Saturday or Sunday, but Saturdays are actually good days to make calls, and I have two one-on-one appointments tomorrow (Sunday), so during the 21 day challenge, I will include Saturdays and Sundays for making 5 calls a day!

    Setting a time has been really tough for me because I try to work out consistently in the a.m. and that can lead to errands or a spontaneous coffee meeting. For this challenge I am setting a split shift: 11:00 – 12:00 and 4:00 – 5:00 each day. (eeeeeek! that’s scary!)

    I am forming this habit because without consistent phone work my calendar lacks the activity I need to move my business forward. I also need the discipline of the schedule to put my business in the forefront of my day and give it the time and respect it deserves.

    My new habit will make me feel more in control of my business and my day! Because I work from home, sometimes I incorporate too much of the house around me and I get sidetracked. My business activity will take priority during those hours. I will have a sense of accomplishment and peace!

    If I get discouraged (which I usually am!) I will jump off the Newport Bridge! (Just Kidding!) I will read the blog and look for support! I haven’t given up yet, and I won’t!

    See you tomorrow night, ~Lisa

  16. Hello! I commit to 21 days of walk/running for 30 minutes each day.
    I will commit time to my habit each day at 7am.
    I am forming this habit because I want to focus on improving my health and dedicating 30 minutes to myself each day.
    Here’s how my new habit will impact my life – it will start each day out right and give me a chance to get some quiet clarity before I launch into my busy days.
    If I get discouraged, I will make sure to blog or email. I also have a friend that I have told about the challenge that has volunteered to support me and ask me about the challenge every day.

    1. Very nice! It does sound like this new habit will give you more than just health benefits, mental health too!

  17. Hi Everyone,
    These are my answers to the following statements:

    I commit to 21 (yikes) days of consistently making a total of 5 contacts per day to discuss my business.
    My reason for forming this habit is to increase my business contacts, fill my calendar with bookings and reach out to more potential recruits.
    When I have made this habit a routine, I will feel professionally and personally satisfied and far more successful. I also suspect that I will experience personal growth by increasing my self confidence as the routine becomes easier.
    I will commit time to this habit throughout the day depending upon whether I am working at home or I am out in the community, but will make phone calls between 10 – 11am and again between 7 – 8pm if I have left a message.
    If I get discourages along the way, I will reach out to Kate and the rest of the group for support .
    Here goes!!!

  18. Just realized I never logged in yesterday to report. So, for Sunday (day 1), my 30 minute workout was spent walking.
    Today (Monday [day 2]) I spent an hour at the health club alternately walking the track and using the exercise equipment for strength training.
    Thanks for such a great call last night and the words of encouragement.

  19. Hi Everyone,
    Great call last night!
    I made my 5 contacts today – 1 while I was out and about and 4 phone calls
    I had to leave 3 voicemail messages that I will follow up on later this evening.
    But, out of 5, I had 2 great results …………….the 2 I actually made contact with!!
    I will be honest however ………….. I did drag my heels to get it done!

  20. Hi – It was nice meeting everyone last night! I did it…1 day down, 20 to go! I stuck to my scehdule for the entire day. I struggled a bit when things popped up that were not on my schedule (and they were not very important either). It was hard for me to not stop what I was doing and take care of it. I am used to living in reaction mode and not schedule mode. I waited until the end of the day and took care of the those items. It is amazing how much more you get done when you don’t put out fires all day. I feel productive because I stayed on course but I am not sure if I feel like I moved my business ahead today…I had a lot of “leave messages” type calls. I am all set for tomorrow’s schedule. Talk to you all tomorrow, tracy

    1. Good for you, Tracy! It IS amazing how a schedule sets you free! And even when you leave a VM message, the person on the other end of the phone hears your voice and knows you are thinking about her.

  21. Ok, first of all I want to know how Tracy’s entry can be dated March 8th? Today is the 7th? Are you in Australia? Tracy, I am envious that you stuck to your schedule! Good for you! That is a byproduct of my goal of making 5 phone calls a day. I want to be able to focus on my business that way, but something inside me fights that fiercely!
    So, today I only made 4 of my 5 calls because one of them took way longer than anticipated and it’s too late to make any more calls. I know I will do better tomorrow because I don’t feel very good about my activity today.
    Congratulations to you too, Karen. I get very discouraged when I have to leave messages, but you did and you’re following up! That’s great!
    Until tomorrow. . .

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Don’t be too quick to give me credit for completing my task today ……….. I didn’t get back to those three calls that I left messages at because I went out to a Business event this evening and now it is too late to call back! That means I now have to make 8 calls tomorrow!!! You should be proud of yourself for making 4 out of 5 of your calls – isn’t that 4 calls more than you would have made if we didn’t commit to these 21 days?

    2. Hi Lisa! Yes, the time thing is strange, I will look into it.
      Remember, more than just “doing” our new habit each day, we are learning about ourselves, how we react to personal challenge and we are also learning what tweaks need to be made to our habits to make them more effective during this process.
      Why do you think the calls took way longer than anticipated? Is there something there that can be tweaked to make them more manageable or were you happy with how they went and possibly the 5th wasn’t necessary last night? You are doing a great job!

  22. Good morning! Great call, sorry I missed it! Wanted to check in and say day 1 and 2 went well, 30 minutes of walking in my neighborhood. Even had a friend join me yesterday which was inspiring to her. Missed this am, so I am hoping to get out after work.

  23. Hi – I wish I was in Australia…that would mean I was on vacation! It’s funny Lisa because making 5 contacts per day is a byproduct of me creating and trying to stick to a schedule! I give you and Karen so much credit because making 5 contacts is SO hard. It will be my next challenge for sure (I am just warming up to it now!).

    With regards to my habit, I did it again today…I stuck to my schedule. I feel productive (great looking at a list that is all crossed out). I only missed one phone call I was supposed to do tonight but my son wants me to hang with him…so that will take precedent. I did a little bit better at moving my business ahead today…I scheduled one party and almost have another one scheduled too. I received 4 no’s…so I am only 2 no’s away from making a trip to Homegoods (my reward)! I have my schedule set for tomorrow so till then….Good luck everyone, tracy

    1. You are doing so well with this challenge Tracy! There is nothing better than a to-do list with most items crossed out! I love it!

  24. Just got back from a very good workout in the water (at the health club-day 2 this week). I’m amazed at what a great workout the class can be! 45 minutes of working with “weights” in the water and constant action/motion definitely makes me feel as if I’ve gotten my exercise and done my body good. In the process of working with the bells in the water, I managed to pull a muscle in my arm so I’m thinking yoga tomorrow is not going to happen. It hurts too much to put pressure on it. I will have to do alternate exercise tomorrow. Bummers! I was really looking forward to a yoga class.
    On another note, I’m enjoying reading everyone’s progress. We’re all doing a great job!

  25. Thank you, Kate, for your end-of-the-day reminder! Not that I forgot – but I really didn’t think I’d be making my calls today – – but I did!! I’m on my way out the door to my book club (my excuse) and I said, ‘no! I’m going to do this.’ Well, I don’t want ‘5 calls’ to sound like a cop out to ‘5 contacts’ because obviously I want the contacts. But the fact that I’m making calls again is big!! I just dialed 6 times, left 4 messages, 1 hang up, and I got one very polite no! Part of why I gave up on the phone in the first place was because I kept leaving messages, never getting calls back, and feeling like I was wasting my time. Well, thanks to this habit exercise, I’m going to keep making the calls anyway! I really handled the ‘no’ well, and left the call without any awkward feelings on either end. I also had a two-on-one consultation today, got an order and potential new business, too. I’m glad I stayed home to make the calls. I had a ‘what’s the best that can happen’ attitude. Now I’m going to book club. Keep going, ladies! And Steve, I hope you were out surfing the big waves yesterday!

    1. Lisa, you are fabulous and wonderfully committed to your new habit! I am so proud to hear that you pulled past skipping the calls today and had a very nice experience instead with your calls! Bravo!

    2. Hi Lisa, Yes, the surfing has been great! I got 3 good days out there which is great considering how flat the winter has been. My body’s tired though, hard to get motivated to do anything after surfing so much, let alone draw. I work as a soccer coach too which saps even more energy. What I ended up doing was taking a simple subject and simple medium, both of which I am excited about and just started a simple drawing. This took any of the “chore” aspect out of it and it was a very enjoyable hour just drawing a cool object with no expectations. I made some cool sketches too, if i do say so my self. I guess it helps to just take that first step.

      1. Hi Steve, what a good lesson for all of us, “just take the first step” and it can actually be enjoyable. Very nice!

  26. Day 3 …………. made 5 calls, left 4 voicemail messages, called back but still no answer. Received an email address for a possible contact.
    At this rate, I won’t fill my calendar OR get shopping reward points!!!
    What book are you reading for your book club Lisa? A good “business” read is Influencer – hoping it will help with my habit as I get further into it.
    Way to go today Tracy – I’m with you on the shopping rewards!

    1. Hi Karen, so here is something you have to consider. If you are feeling disappointed with your results, maybe five calls a day is not enough, maybe you need to tweak your challenge to be 5 actual contacts, where another human answers or speaks to you face to face. I have had people in past groups shape it like this:
      I will make a minimum of five calls a day until I connect with 5 people. I will make as many calls as needed to do this for up to one hour.
      I may be overstepping, but maybe you want that extra piece at this point to make it more effective for you. Let us know.

  27. Day 4 – although I didn’t attend yoga class today, I did go to the gym and used the equipment. I focused on lower body training (to give my arm a rest) and rode the bike for 20 min so feel I got a really good lower body workout and still got aerobic exercise. I like varying the type of exercise I’m doing – it doesn’t get boring this way. I especially love the “water days” (tomorrow!)

  28. Good evening! I had a very good day today, was able to run a bit as well as walk! Very excited to be sticking with it.

  29. Hi Everyone,
    Well, I thought today was going to be a bust, but as the clock continued to tick I finally got to it right after dinner.
    Kate, I will consider your advice regarding the one hour time limit and 5 connections vs. 5 calls. It did occur to me that I need to go back over time and find some new contacts or names of ones to revisit that fell through the cracks.
    In the end, I did connect with one prospect through email with a positive outcome; received one friendly “no” (which I am OK with because it gets me closer to my shopping reward) and left three messages and followed up via email.

    1. I hope the yeses keep you from shopping… 🙂 but either way I am very impressed with your continued commitment. Every time you think the day is falling apart, you make you calls! I love it!

  30. Hi all – I did OK today…but I didn’t totally stick to my schedule (which bummed me out…I got side tracked on a few other things); however, I did move my business ahead. I had a few good emails come through based on calls I had made the previous two days…two of the women want to book a party (yeah!). I am happy with the good results that came from my scheduled prospect calling. However, I don’t feel great that I let a few things slide and now I need to play catch up tomorrow . I really did not want to do that. I think I need to assess (my favorite thing to do). Good luck everyone…talk tomorrow, tracy

    1. Hi Tracy, were the things that slid through the cracks most important on your list or items that really could go a day without attention? If you are finding that you are leaving the “most daunting” tasks until last, it may be time to dare yourself to do them first.
      Congratulations on the two bookings!!!! Great work!

  31. Hi Everyone,
    I didn’t get to post yesterday, but I did make my calls. However, after reading about 5 connections and not just 5 calls I feel like I’m copping out! This is a big step for me – – getting back on the phone. Just the fact that I’m dialing is a breakthrough. I have a lot of bad feelings (anxiety, failure, embarrassment, inadequacy, etc.) associated with phone work. I have no problem returning calls, or following up on a sample or order, but to call to schedule workshops (asking!) is a big problem for me. I probably need a psychiatrist more than I need a coach? Anyway, I have a lot of people to call, and I will make my calls today, too. I’ll post again later.

    1. Dear Lisa, you are perfect where you are. Your challenge is to make the 5 calls a day and you are doing it! It is very exciting to watch! You are just where you need to be and doing GREAT! Remember that although we are all a group supporting each other, each of our challenges is very different and we need to focus on our own growth. I am very proud of your commitment to building this habit.

  32. Hi all,
    Wow – Day 5 already! Today was a water exercise day – I like those the best. Had a good 45 minute workout in the water tonight – very energizing. And I completed my 4 days at the health club for the week, so I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do (3 or 4 days using the membership).
    Lisa – you don’t need a psychiatrist! We’re here for you!!!

  33. Good morning amazing people! I just want you to know that I have been sticking to my challenge and every day one of the things I am grateful for is you! I love being a part of this group and experiencing each one of your transformations!

    Let’s take action today. I know it’s Friday and it would be so nice to have a day off, but let’s surprise ourselves and TAKE ACTION no matter what!

  34. I feel like you wrote that little message for me today, Kate! Busy day today and I was really thinking to myself, what’s the harm if I miss one day? But then I read your message! Thank you!! So, I exercised in the living room today (Wii fit). I did 30 minutes of aerobics and am SO GLAD I took the time to do it! Thank you for the nudge!

  35. Hi Everyone – I am sorry I missed last night! I am doing fine and I am keeping to my schedule. I did take off work today because I am trying to do that every Friday…but I still made a schedule and kept to it. If anything, this habit is making me feel good and organized, and also I don’t feel guilty when I have free time (like today). I did end up catching up on Thursday after missing a few things on Wednesday…and Kate thanks for the great advice, the hardest part of my schedule is doing my prospecting (5 calls) and I do always do it first thing. It is hard but it always makes me feel more “free” when it is done.

    And Lisa, don’t be so hard on yourself…you are doing great!! I think making 5 connections is really hard. I would feel good it I made one good connection every day!! I think you are so strong that you are committed to doing it.

  36. Good morning! I am so impressed reading what everyone has accomplished! Great job! I have decided to take today off with no guilt and get up very early tomorrow to get back to it. Thank you for the day off!

  37. Hi Everyone,
    Sorry I missed checking in yesterday. I too am trying to take the better part of Friday off and my day did not start off in my usual routine. I had to leave the house by 7:30am and decided to run all my errands while I was out. We were entertaining last night so when I got home just after 11am I started to prepare for the evening and before I knew it the day was gone and …………. no calls had been made!
    I kept telling myself “one day won’t hurt” but the little voice inside of me kept telling me how disappointed it was and I felt bad for not doing was I committed to do.
    When I read the email from Kate today giving us the day off, I actually found it uplifting because I thought to myself OK – no day off for you – you took your day yesterday! So, instead of continuing on a downward spiral I took this as a positive and told myself I didn’t have to feel like I had failed. I got on the phone and made 7 contacts which took me one hour to complete with one very good prospect.
    I am especially excited because this was someone I had tried to reach several times without success and I would not normally make calls on a Saturday.
    I do admit however that I am a little concerned about next week because it is March Break here in Ontario and alot of people are away and I am planning to be away between Tues. to Thurs. myself ………… HELP

    Lisa and Tracy I so understand what you both are feeling – we really need to stick together.
    Michele – Congratulations on taking a guilt free day off – you deserve it~!
    Julie – I was thinking the same thing yesterday – “one day off can’t hurt”!!

    1. Hi Karen, Good job compensating for your day off! As to March Break – a lot of people are gone but and equal or greater number don’t have the opportunity to go away…and you may find more people actually at home. As to you being away Tuesday through Thursday – take the opportunity to meet new people wherever you are. They new circles may expand your business into directions you never imagined!

  38. Thank you, Kate, for the “guilt free” day yesterday! I feel re-energized today and have taken a nice long walk to compensate for not walking yesterday. The weather here is crisp and cool and it was glorious just walking – I felt like I could walk forever! It’ll be even better when the sun comes out again – that’s one thing I truly miss during the winter months. Springtime buds are just beginning to appear here in the Midwest and walking gives me the opportunity to watch the rebirth of my favorite time of year (summer is right around the corner – I just KNOW it!)

    1. That was beautifully inspiring! You have me very excited about the days ahead! Great job getting back to your habit today!

  39. Hello everyone, although this seems easy, this is a lot more difficult than I expected. I am finding it difficult to stay on task, but I do plan on pulling it back together and making my best effort.

  40. Thanks for the call tonight, Kate, and your suggestions. I will write out my script.
    Karen, I love your post yesterday. It’s amazing how the day can get away from you when you entertain or are driving the kids around, all the life stuff and then wham! it’s dinner! I’m trying to think ahead so if it looks like that kind of day, I’m making calls in the nooks and crannies of my day, ie., in the car while I’m waiting for my son during a guitar lesson. That helps, and it makes me feel productive. (By the way, the book we just discussed was “Cutting for Stone” which I absolutely loved! For myself, I am reading “The Power of Positive Living by Norman Vincent Peale.) Karen, while I was away I challenged myself to talk to one new person a day about my business. One year on vacation I got four new clients! Get their contact info and follow up when you get home.
    Yes, Steve, you are right! This is hard for all us! You are not alone! I suggest you focus on how you feel when you do what you say you are going to do and that will help you do it again. It’s helping me.
    Tracy, thanks for your encouragement. I agree about feeling free once the work is done. It is so worth it! And Julie, you sound like you’re doing great! Michele, I hope the clock change doesn’t impact your 7:00 am workout! It’s an adjustment.
    Well, good night to all. Here’s to good habits!

  41. I must be weird or something – I actually looked forward to going to exercise today – that’s a totally new concept for me! And I wasn’t even in the water! I always thought walking on a treadmill would be boring but discovered today that it’s not! (of course it helps that they have TVs set up and you can tune your radio to listen) It made the 30 minutes of walking go by very quickly. Then I did the circuit of strength training equipment so total got about an hour of exercise in and feel good about it.

  42. Hi Everyone – I have been keeping to my schedule which is great. I actually feel uncomfortable if I don’t start my day with my daily planner completely filled out. I let it slip on saturday because I wasn’t working but it didn’t feel right…so I stopped and filled one out and I probably got more done on that Saturday then I have in a long time. What I need to work on is the content of the schedule. I feel like my schedule is not strong enough… I don’t feel really productive with work at the end of the day. I have definitley stuck to my scehdule but I think I need help creating a more effective plan. Talk tomorrow!

    Congrats Julie – I would be so happy if I looked forward to exercising!!!

  43. I have been keeping to my habit – I’ve just been bad about updating this page! So, let’s see. I’ll backtrack to keep this up-to-date. Tuesday I joined the water aerobics class at the health club – always a favorite. Yesterday, Wednesday, I spent 3+ hours working outdoors raking, bagging, and blowing leaves in our back property. I worked up quite a sweat doing it and decided that I could definitely count that as my exercise for the day (since at that point I didn’t have the strength to even walk around the block much less go to the gym to use the equipment!). Today I am returning to the health club and joining the water aerobics class again – looking forward to getting back in the water to soak my weary muscles! I’m still sore from the raking workout yesterday!

    1. WOW! You have taken to this like a fish to water (pun intended!). Keep up the great work and you will establish a life-long habit.

  44. Hi – First off Kate…congratulations…your baby is so adorable!!

    I have not been as good this week. One of my main goals with my schedule was to keep in “schedule” mode and not “reaction” mode. I have know for 2 months when my taxes were due to my acct and my goal was to do it on the weekends so it would not interfere with my work schedule during the week. Unfortunately I waited till the last minute…had to throw my work scehdule out the window…and do my taxes since Tuesday afternoon. ARGGG!!! I will NOT be taking my normal day off tomorrow and I will need to get as much done as I can. Hopefully I will have a good report tomorrow evening.

    Congrats Julie…I always get inspired by you! I will be thinking of you exercising tomorrow and I will make sure I get my work done too!! Hope everyone else is doing well. I miss reading the blogs.


  45. Hi Everyone,
    Tracy and Julie, I think you guys will get the prize! You’ve both been so good about posting. Tracy, life gets in the way – of all things – that’s for sure. The test will be to see if you get back on the horse as soon as possible. I’ve not been good about my calls this week either. I had a migraine for two days and now I’m fighting the sniffles (I am NOT getting a cold!). My boys have activities in the evenings, so maybe it’s not a good idea for me to leave my calls for those hours. I’d like to get them done earlier in the day anyway. I’m still making calls, but only one or two – not five – how lame! I am definitely making my calls tomorrow, because I’ll be feeling better! If nothing else, this exercise has brought a lot of attention to where I can improve. #1) Make the list the night before of who I am going to call. #2) Designate a specific time to work. #3) Make the calls! Sounds simple, huh?

    1. What you are experiencing is SO normal, Lisa…even the migraine and the sniffles! Remember how we talked about the etchings in the brain from old habits? Well, your whole being resists changing those etchings. When you push through and persist in “new ways,” you will come to a renewed sense of well-being that is better than you can even imagine! Then the new etchings will begin to replace the old. This is not JUST about doing something for 21 days…it’s about learning to BE in a new way! Congratulations for pushing through!

  46. Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your wonderful words and wishes! If you do not know, I delivered my son, Leif, on Tuesday 3/15/11. It was a very long labor so I was just released from the hospital today. I apologize for being absent for a few days! I am back, so please expect comments to your posts! Lyn will also be lending her support! So to any of us who have fallen off a bit (including me), let’s make a fresh start today! You are all amazing!

  47. We’re so happy for you, Kate! We’re happy you’re back home and hope your healing is swift! Don’t forget to rest whenever Leif is resting. Your healing will be much quicker if you do.

    Thank you Tracy for your kind words. I’m flattered to be considered an inspiration to anyone! I kind of feel like a fraud though. Yes, I feel as if I am having great success with my habit formation. But I think the reason I’m finding it fairly effortless is because I had already decided, before I even began this course, that I was going to add daily exercise to my life. And unless I’m totally off base, that is what habits ultimately are – decisions. (That was the epiphany I had anyway!) The decision could be good for you (like exercise, or like making 5 business contacts a day or sticking to a schedule) or not (like smoking), but continuing with the habit is ultimately a decision on each persons’ part. I tried, literally for years, to give up smoking. I made attempts to quit and actually would, for a while. But until I really DECIDED to quit, I was not successful. So I knew when choosing to add exercise to my life, I would have to DECIDE to do it (adding a monthly charge to our credit card is good incentive to keep it up, too!) I’m not certain any of this makes sense to anyone else, but as long as it works for me, I believe I’ll continue to exercise and use my membership consistently!

    Tracy – don’t be too hard on yourself! We all put off things we don’t enjoy doing! Perfectly normal! What I have found really helpful is creating a “tax file” and keeping up with it weekly/monthly. Much less stressful at tax time to gather the information when it’s pretty much already there! Just a thought …

    And Lisa – I hope today finds you clear headed and feeling great! Don’t get discouraged! As you so wisely wrote, “the test will be to see if you get back on the horse as soon as possible.” When I was young we called them “do overs”. Wipe the slate clean and give yourself a “do over”! Kate was very wise giving this course the name Fresh Start!

    So, yesterday I did go to water aerobics – I LOVE that class! It’s a great workout and the best part is nobody (not even me) knows when I sweat! And today I decided to exercise first thing and went early to use the equipment in the gym – rode the bicycle for a half hour then did the strength training equipment. My arm is still giving me grief so I simply skipped those machines.

    Keep up the great work everyone! I so enjoy reading everyone’s progress. I miss your posts, Karen and Michele and Steve and Vicki! I hope you’re doing well! Sorry I’ve rambled on so long!

  48. I DID IT!! I already made my calls and it’s not quite 5:00! I made 7 (not 5!) calls, but only talked to two people – – had to leave messages, one of the reasons I dislike the phone work. However, I’m trying not to say, ‘I hate making calls.’ I’m creating a new pathway in my brain and I’m saying out loud, ‘I love making calls and scheduling appointments. People want to hear from me!’ (This is from Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s book ‘What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.’) Positive, positive, positive!

    Julie, you said it, it’s all about Deciding. You are so right. This is a training I’ve heard over and over. Wanting something and truly deciding are two different things. And, really, give yourself the credit, because not even the credit card charge can motivate you if you’re not truly committed.

    Keep up the good work everyone. It’s because you’re still doing what you’re doing that I make myself do what I said I was going to do (no pressure! :))

    Kate, enjoy every precious moment.

  49. Goor Morning – Thanks for the pep talk ladies…I needed it!! I have to first say that I am going to miss all of you and this blog when our 21 days is over!! I had a better day on friday. I channeled a little bit iof Lisa, Julie, and Kate yesterday and I kept to my schedule.

    I missed so many days this week becasuse of my taxes that I knew I couldn’t completely catch up (if I tried I would have set myself up to fail). So I listened to kate and did the most important things first (customer care contacts/ and my prospect contacts). I then decided to be inspired again by Julie and I exercised again (even though not on my schedule). It was 70 degrees today and I was actually sweating on my walk! And finally.. I know Lisa you were dispappointed that you only did 2 or 3 calls this week per day but when you think about it it is better then not doing any at all (which is what I did) so I did mine…I only did 3 but I actually felt better that I reached out to people. I did not get any responses but I was still OK with that. Congrats Lisa for doing 7 today!! You are right it is better to believe that you will be successful (even if you have to fake it to you make it for awhile) instead of dreading what you are doing. Also, I truly believe it is SO helpful to create your schedule the night before so you are right on track from the get-go in the morning. I started writing down the people I am calling the night before too…much more effective.

    I am going to tackle day #13 questions today.

    Enjoy, Tracy

    PS Julie I took your helpful advice and just organized my january through March 2011 tax info…I am sure I will thank you next year!

    PSS I think Karen is on vacation…I hope you are enjoying yourself!

  50. Hello fabulous habit formers! I wanted to say thank you to those who called in tonight, we missed the rest of you, but had great things to say about you all and are cheering you on!

    What I want you to think about in this last week is “what am I doing right?”. We can all name what we have missed or done poorly, but each of us has made incredible strides and overcome hurdles, so what have you done right?

  51. Hi ladies, well I have again paid for this wonderful course, and having been away seem to not be able to wrap my head around not starting with all of you. I thought I could start when I got home but the idea here I think is to do it together, so I will wait for the NEXT one and WILL participate from the top. Good luck and congrats to you all for hanging in. Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki, this WILL happen for you, it is obviously something important on your list or you wouldn’t have signed up! We are here to support you and would love for you to even just commit to these last five days. It is amazing what a short burst can do to get you revved up.

      1. Hi Kate & girls, OK, I have started a tele-clinic and have committed to 5 contacts a day, so I will join in your last five days!! Thanks.

  52. Thank you for being there for us last night, Kate. And thank you for the thought-provoking question about what we are doing right (instead of focusing on our missteps or mishaps!) I know I am not up to exercising yet today, but am feeling a bit better so am hopeful I’ll be back in the routine tomorrow. In the meantime, it feels good to focus on the progress I’ve made over the past couple weeks rather than not being able to exercise the last couple days. The positive realization is I’m actually missing it!

    It was great hearing your voices last night Lisa and Tracy. I’m cheering you both on! You’re doing a great job!

    1. Dear Julie, I am so glad you are beginning to feel better. I KNOW that you will return to your habit as soon as you are healed because your attitude is phenomenal! Here is to quick healing!

  53. I apologize that I haven’t been blogging! I do read all of your posts an they have helped me stay on track. I am up to a 20 minute run each morning with a 10 minute walk. Pretty impressed with myself!

  54. Well, after doing a few test moves this morning (movements I know would be required to join the water aerobics class) I decided I would risk doing more harm than doing good if I went to the class. And since it’s raining like crazy here today, I decided Wii fit step exercises in the living room were the way to go today – work the lower body without too much neck movement. Amazing – after not exercising for only two days I actually found I need to work my way back up to what I was doing! But I did step aerobics for 30 minutes (almost 3,000 steps!) so feel like I’m working my way back. I really want to finish the week strong! Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  55. Hi Everyone – Thank you kate for our call on Sunday evening (I loved hearing your baby’s voice too!). It was really great to talk to you all. I have kept on course this week. I agree with Julie I loved the thought provoking exercise from today….I spent considerable time filling it out and it was really therapeutic for me. This is a bit unlike me but I enjoyed writing what I did right (more than what I think I may have done wrong). The positive came alot easier which is a huge step for me. I based my answers on my sincere feelings.. how did I feel when at the end of the day I believe I created an effective schedule and vice versa. I feel like I was able to answer them so honestly that I have a good plan of how I need to tweak my schedule over the next few days…months. I certainly do not have all the answers (I don’t want it to sound as I have my act together that much!!). I am not even sure I know what I truly want to do in my life yet!!… but I feel SO much better today than I did 3 weeks ago. I will just need to commit to continually keep working/tweaking my schedule and ultimately I hope I end up where I need to be. I will definitley miss this blog and all of you because you have truly helped me keep on the straight and narrow. I am little nervous about next week if I get of course and start to feel downd!! Tracy

    PS Julie, I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I hope the rest of the week goes well because you have been rock solid during this entire exercise. Michelle, way to go running 20 minutes (that would be SO tough for me!). And Vicki I am so glad you decided to join in with us!!! Good luck.

    1. Dear Tracy, thank you so much for sharing this. You have done such an amazing job with this challenge and I know your new habit has become a real part of your life.

  56. Hi all,

    I haven’t been to the health club this week at all and am disappointed about that, but have worked around my neck issue by doing step aerobics on the Wii fit in the living room every day. Today the sun is actually shining here again so I plan to get outside and take a walk. My neck issues are MUCH better, thank you all for your support and concern. I’m confident by next week I will be able to stop taking the medication and return to the health club.

    Michele, I’m so happy you’re doing so well with your exercise program! 20 minutes of jogging a day is great!

    And Tracy, it sounds as if that writing/thinking exercise was wonderful for you, too. Just working through issues in your head seems to clear them out and helps to focus on the positive and come up with solutions. I’m sure that with your positive attitude you will continue to have success for weeks, months and years to come! You go, girl!

  57. Yeah!!! We made it! Today was another crisp, cool (oh alright, it was downright cold!) day here in the Midwest but we had beautiful sunny skies and I took full advantage of the clear weather by taking a nice long walk. It felt great ending the course walking and reflecting on the progress I’ve made over the past 28 days. I have enjoyed making the journey with all of you. Thank you for your support and encouragement along the way!

    1. Dear Julie, it was such a pleasure to do this with you! I am so excited you are healing and on your way back to your full exercise habit! You are an inspiration!

  58. Hi all, well I have to miss the call, but I wanted to report in that I had many days of success adding art to my daily routine. I appreciated reading what all of you were up to for inspiration. I plan to continue my art each day/week going forward. Thank you, Steve

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